MOKO Smart developed a smart plug for monitoring energy consumption of remote IoT applications

MOKO Smart developed a smart plug for monitoring energy consumption of remote IoT applications

Chinese designer and manufacturer of IoT hardware MOKO Smart has developed a smart plug for energy management applications in smart home ecosystems. The company chose to integrate Nordic Semiconductors’ nRF52833 system-on-chip as the device’s main processor for running sensor-based algorithms which will monitor energy consumption. The system-on-chip module is also capable of measuring parameters such as instant voltage, current, active power, power factor, and frequency with high accuracy.

MOKO Smart MK117NB smart plug is aimed towards monitoring energy usage and reducing power consumption by remotely controlling the load switches. The device features a power and energy meter with a measurement accuracy of ±0.5 percent. The enterprise customer can monitor these parameters of total energy consumption through a smartphone application. The MK117NB smart plug supports a range of plug types and can be used in many countries.

“It allows ordinary electrical devices to become IoT enabled, providing users with the ability to better understand their energy usage and convert real-time electricity consumption into accurate billing data. For example, the device can easily manage all electrical equipment such that it turns off during non-working hours and then automatically turns on during working hours, reducing unnecessary power consumption and manual labor.”

Nordic Semiconductors’ nRF52833 system-on-chip features an Arm Cortex-M4 processor core clocked up to a frequency of 64MHz with a floating-point unit microprocessor. The general-purpose multiprotocol system-on-chip has a Bluetooth direction-finding capable radio and is qualified for operating in an extended temperature range of -40°C to 105°C. The module has integrated 512kB of flash storage and 128kB of RAM available for higher-value applications.

MOKO Smart has also integrated Nordic Semiconductors’ nRF9160 system-in-package with integrated LTE-M and NB-IoT modem and GNSS to enable wireless connectivity for low-power consumption wireless data communication over a cellular IoT network. Utilizing this, the MOKO Smart MK117NB smart plug can connect to third-party customer Cloud servers and smartphone applications through MQTT servers.

“From the pre-research of the product based on the development board, to the later prototype test, Nordic has provided us with a lot of help, including chip introduction, SDK [Software Development Kit] technical support, layout precautions, and rapid progress after applying for samples.”

If you are interested in understanding the smart plug in-detail, head to the official product page.

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