Olimex RP2040-PICO-PC Computer Made with RP2040-Py module compatible with Raspberry Pi Pico

Olimex RP2040-PICO-PC Computer Made with RP2040-Py module compatible with Raspberry Pi Pico


Olimex has manufactured the first prototypes of their new RP2040-PICO-PC designed to create a small Raspberry Pi RP2040 computer with HDMI/DVI video output.

“It’s a small baseboard for RP2040-PICO, the $4 Cortex-M0+ processor-based module developed by Raspberry Pi foundation.”

the company writes.

With HDMI video output, 2MB SPI flash or a memory card for storage, speakers connected to the audio jack, keyboard, and mouse, one can use the RP2040-PICO-PC board as a small computer, though it won’t be able to run typical OS like Linux and it’s kind.

Key features and specifications of the RP2040-PICO-PC small computer board include:

  • Supports Raspberry Pi Pico board
  • Has a micro SD card for storage
  • An HDMI port with DVI signal to connect to monitor (no audio through this interface)
  • 3.5mm audio jack
  • UEXT connector with UART, SPI, I2C, 3.3V, and GND
  • Grove compatible JST2.0 4-pin header with I2C plus power signals
  • Debug connector for Serial adapter
  • 1x Reset button
  • Power Supply: 5V via the micro USB port located just below the RP2040 PICO module
  • LiPo battery for handheld operation and power backup
  • Dimension: Small size

The Bulgarian company also designed their own RP2040-PICO module since it was not easy getting enough Raspberry Pi Pico boards for production. They had a reel of Raspberry Pi RP2040 processors, so they could easily come up with an RP2040-Py module compatible with Raspberry Pi Pico.

The RP2040-Py is the same as the original RP2040-PICO module but with some improvements:

  • An extra USB micro connector on the right hand for power
  • An extra uUEXT connector located at the bottom of the board
  • One extra reset
  • An optional JTAG USB debugger
  • DC-DC power supply with 3.3V up to 2A

Every other functional feature of the RP2040-Py and the RP2040-PICO module are exactly the same (Raspberry Pi SoC,  2MP SPI flash, I/O headers, and Micro USB connector).

Both the RP2040-PICO-PC and RP2040-Py would be up for sale in early May. The RP2040-PICO-PC including the original RP2040-PICO board with soldered headers will sell for 12 Euros, while the RP2040-Py module will be available in three different models namely:

  • Basic (5 Euros) – Just like the Raspberry Pi Pico board but with higher current DCDC power supply, reset button and uUEXT connector.
  • Basic+ (8 Euros) – This is the Basic model plus soldered headers and additional micro USB for power
  • Debug (19 Euros) – Same as the Basic+ model but with populated JTAG parts for debugging.

Further details can be found in the announcement on Olimex blog.

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