Selpic P1 – Hands on review of the smallest Portable Handheld Printer

Selpic P1 – Hands on review of the smallest Portable Handheld Printer


As we have featured earlier this month the Selpic P1 is going to launch on Indiegogo in late July. But what is Selpic P1? Is it another handheld printer going around or it has something more to offer?

Selpic claims this to be the world’s smallest Handheld Portable printer that enables you to print on almost any surface like using an ordinary pen. It’s highlights include:

  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Print Anything, Anywhere
  • 600dpi print resolution
  • 90 pages of ink capacity (5% in coverage)
  • up to 6 colors to choose from
  • 3 hrs working time per charge

With its pen styled shape, you can carry it around with you and get ready to use it anytime. It can easily print text, images, graphics, QR codes, and barcodes even on porous surfaces. The print head features 300 tiny nozzles with 0.002 of nozzle spacing and each nozzle can eject 18m drops per second. This leads to a high-quality and clear print result in printing logos or anything else on almost any surface.

The printer comes along with a user-friendly smartphone APP that lets you define the print artwork. All you have to do is to connect the Selpic P1 with your smartphone over wifi and then you are ready to edit the artwork and print.

Hands-on Review

The printer comes in a good quality box that includes:

  • The handheld printer
  • 1x ink cartridge
  • USB type C cable
  • Maintenance Manual
  • Alcohol wipes to clean the head
  • Guarantee Card etc.

Unboxing Video

Testing and Printing

To make your first print, you have to initially download the Android or iOS app from the appropriate app store. Launch the app to your smartphone and register for an account on Selpic if you haven’t already done it. The next step is to connect the Selpic P1 to your smartphone following the screen instructions. Once the connection is done, you will see the signal icon become light blue. Now you are ready to edit the text and icons using the inbuilt editor. We found the editor a little hard to use, because of the small icons and the not so self-explaining first three icons on the left side of the screen. You will need some time to familiarize your self with the app and when your artwork is ready you can click the far most right Print icon. The artwork is then transferred to the printer and you are ready to print. Grab the printer, hit the main button, and scroll it on the desired surface. Printing is started automatically as long as you scroll. Check the video above to see how this works.


A campaign for the Selpic P1 is launcedh on INDIEGOGO with the device starting at only $99. There are several other packages planned with associated discounts. You can sign up to get notified for updates and also to get first option access to the diverse discounts like the super early bird discount of 55% off the $199 MSRP package which will be available to the first 500 backers.

More information on the product can be found on the product’s page on Indiegogo.

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