BMP380 – Ultra-miniature pressure sensor


Harry Baggen @ discuss about the new Bosch barometric pressure sensor BMP380.

At the CES, Bosch Sensortec unveiled the BMP380 barometric pressure sensor, the smallest and most accurate pressure sensor in their portfolio to date, with dimensions of 2x2x0.75 mm. The BMP380 is targeted at applications in drones, smartphones, tablets, wearables and other mobile devices for precise measurement of elevation changes.

BMP380 – Ultra-miniature pressure sensor – [Link]

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    1. I2C is the interface used to communicate with the sensor. It’s mostly used to transfer sensor data to the host microcontroller.

  1. Thank you. I want so apologize, but there was a misunderstanding in my post. I am looking for a complete sensor board with a i2c interface and a BMP380 or BMP388 on board. There a already some sensor modules for Arduino on the market, but with the older BMP280, like this one:
    But i am looking for a module with a BMP380/388, ready for connecting it to the i2c bus on my drone flight controller (Omnibus F4). I still did not find a dealer who sells this.

  2. It seems that this sensor is not available as a module. You will need a breakout board which you can design or someone else design for you.

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