FeatherHAB (Balloon Tracker) Firmware & Hardware Source Released



Ethan Zonca has released the firmware and hardware of FeatherHAB. FeatherHAB is a small and inexpensive ballon GPS tracker.

FeatherHAB is a lightweight, small, and inexpensive balloon tracker. It tracks the location of a balloon with GPS and broadcasts the balloon’s position to the APRS network on 144.390MHz. The tracker is built around a Ublox MAX8 GPS module and a custom RF transmitter designed with the Silicon Labs Si446x transceiver IC. Power is supplied by a single-cell Lithium battery, which runs through a tiny buck-boost converter to power the system. The total weight comes in at about 2 grams without a battery.

FeatherHAB (Balloon Tracker) Firmware & Hardware Source Released – [Link]

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