750mA Constant Current LED Driver Arduino Nano Shield

750mA Constant Current LED Driver Arduino Nano Shield


This small constant current LED driver Nano shield has been designed using CAT4104 IC from ON semiconductor. Its 4 channel LED driver. The board has provision to mount 20 SMD 1206 LEDs. The LED can be RED, GREEN, BLUE and WHITE. Reduce the number of LED to 12 if White LEDs are used, as white LEDs are 3-5V and total series voltage should not exceed 12V. CAT4104 provides four matched low dropout current sinks to drive high−brightness LED strings up to 175 mA per channel. The LED channel current is set by an external trimmer potentiometer connected to the RSET pin. The LED pins are compatible with high voltage up to 12V. The EN/PWM logic input supports the device enable and high-frequency external Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) dimming control.

750mA Constant Current LED Driver Arduino Nano Shield – [Link]

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