High Power Bidirectional DC Motor Driver using IFX007T

High Power Bidirectional DC Motor Driver using IFX007T


This motor driver circuit can drive a brushed DC motor with up to 250W of continuous load. The project can be controlled with the general logic IO-Ports of any microcontroller. Either an Arduino Uno or other microcontroller can be used as the control board. The project uses two IFX007T IC from Infineon. Each IC provides half-bridge operation featuring one P-channel high side MOSFET and one N-channel low side MOSFET with an integrated driver IC. The IFX007T half-bridge is easy to control by applying logic level signals to the IN and INH pin. When applying a PWM to the IN pin the current provided to the motor can be controlled with the duty cycle of the PWM. With external R6, R9 resistors connected between the SR pin and GND you can set the slew rate of the power switches. The Motor Control board can be easily connected to any Arduino board or microcontroller via headers.

High Power Bidirectional DC Motor Driver using IFX007T – [Link]

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