LILYGO SoftRF T-BeamSUPREME Specializes in Radio Transmissions

LILYGO SoftRF T-BeamSUPREME Specializes in Radio Transmissions

Compatibility becomes an important factor when a number of units work together for a particular use. LILYGO and SoftRF have co-designed and created the LILYGO SoftRF T-BeamSUPREME. It is a development board specifically for test experiments to determine whether the development module meets individual requirements.

The CORE constitutes the Espressif ESP32-S3-dual-core Xtensa LX7 with 2.4 GHz radio, LoRa SX1262, and GPS interchangeable with a U-Blox MAX-M10S-00B or with an L76K Chip. The ESP32-S3 comes with a whopping FLASH memory of 8MB, enough to walk through many versatile applications.

When plugged in with the UBlox MAX-M10S-00B, the T-BeamSUPREME acts as an ultra-low-power, high-performance Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Module. While the L76K chip version leads to a more compact and budget-friendly GNSS module.

Additionally, the development board includes a 1.3-inch SH1106 OLED, a LoRA SX1262 capable of transmission/ perception at 433/868/915 MHz, a 6-axis IMU (a 3-axis Gyroscope + 3-axis Accelerometer), and various connectors for external antennas.

The folks at SoftRF are excited to present a new flight recorder feature with this development module in addition to the barometric sensors which pre-existed in the SoftRF T-Beam Classic, but it will cost a minuscule more. Meanwhile, a 18650 Li-Po 2500 mAh battery is sufficient to power LILYGO SoftRF T-BeamSUPREME, which can be attached via the USB port.

Technical specifications of Espressif ESP32-S3 SoC:

  • GNSS: built-in Ublox MAX-M10S or Quectel L76K
  • Sub-1Ghz radio: built-in Semtech SX1262
  • Output: Type-C USB CDC ACM (default); Wi-Fi UDP or TCP; Bluetooth LE or UART 38400, 8N1
  • Display: built-in: 1.3″ I2C OLED
  • Sensors:
    •      IMU: QST Corp. QMI8658
    •      Magnetometer: QST Corp. QMC6310
    •      Air Pressure:      Bosch BME280
  • Storage: optional: micro-SD card
  • Battery: 18650 Li-Po 2500 mAh (optional)

Check out the GitHub-SoftRF documentation as well as the GitHub-LilyGO pages discussing the applications and the scope of use of the development module. They also draw a comparison between the two versions of the LILYGO SoftRF T-BeamSUPREME, which is essential information for experimentation.

Starting at $53.98, the multiple versions of the LILYGO SoftRF T-BeamSUPREME are available for pre-order on Aliexpress. It is estimated to be released on the 20th of May 2023.

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