MP23DB01HP – MEMS audio sensor multi performance mode digital microphone

MP23DB01HP – MEMS audio sensor multi performance mode digital microphone


The MP23DB01HP is an ultra-compact, low-power, omnidirectional, digital MEMS microphone built with a capacitive sensing element and an IC interface with stereo operation capability.

The sensing element, capable of detecting acoustic waves, is manufactured using a specialized silicon micromachining process dedicated to producing audio sensors.

The IC interface is manufactured using a CMOS process that allows designing a dedicated circuit able to provide a digital signal externally in PDM format.

Key Features

  • Omnidirectional digital microphone
  • Very low distortion / very high AOP
    • 135 dBSPL acoustic overload point
  • Multiple performance modes (sleep, low-power, performance)
  • Typ. current consumption
    • 2 µA (sleep mode)
    • 285 µA (low-power mode)
    • 800 µA (performance mode)
  • Sensitivity matching
  • PDM single-bit output with option for stereo configuration
  • RHLGA package
    • Bottom-port design
    • SMD-compliant
    • EMI-shielded
    • ECOPACK, RoHS and “Green” compliant

The MP23DB01HP offers multiple performance modes (power-down, low-power and performance mode) enabled by different clock frequency ranges. The device has a very high AOP in performance mode, sensitivity range of ±1 dB and high SNR for all operative modes.

The MP23DB01HP is available in a bottom-port, SMD-compliant, EMI-shielded package and is guaranteed to operate over an extended temperature range from -40 °C to +85 °C.

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