Power DUO Source 200 W USB-C PD Reference Design

Power DUO Source 200 W USB-C PD Reference Design


This USB Power Delivery (PD) reference design will allow users to implement system that require more than 100 W as a power source while also highlighting the industries lowest RDSon solution.
The design can output all four of the standard USB Type-C PD source voltages of 5 V, 9 V, 15 V, and 20 V. In standard Type-C PD operation, the design will output up to 20V/4A. When Texas Instruments Power DUO mode is enabled, the design will be able to output up to 20V/10A while simultaneously lowering the RDSon by a factor of two.


  • High Power USB Type-C PD Source
  • Barrel Jack to Type-C: 5-V, 9-V, 15-V, or 20-V Charging up to 4 A
  • Up to 20-V at 10 A through Texas Instruments Power Duo Mode
  • Integrated power paths in PD Controller
  • User selectable output voltage

more information: www.ti.com

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