Thunderboard™ Sense 2: Next Generation IoT Development Kit

Thunderboard™ Sense 2: Next Generation IoT Development Kit

Silicon Labs’ Thunderboard Sense 2 is the ultimate sensor-to-cloud and advanced IoT development kit

Silicon Labs’ Thunderboard Sense 2 is a small and feature-packed development platform for battery-operated IoT applications. This upgraded Thunderboard IoT kit features seven onboard sensors, a powerful multi-protocol EFR32 Mighty Gecko SoC with 256 kB RAM and 1024 kB Flash plus advanced BLE capabilities, and a mobile app offering Bluetooth® communication and cloud connectivity. Thunderboard Sense 2 includes an integrated debugger and is fully supported in Simplicity Studio. This development kit provides the fastest path to develop and prototype IoT edge node devices.

Thunderboard Sense 2 brings upgraded features to the family of Thunderboard IoT kits. This IoT development kit features updated sensors and the latest ERF32MG SoC with 4x Flash and RAM plus advanced BLE capabilities, getting a device connected to the cloud in minutes. This kit is perfect for rapidly developing and prototyping a wide range of IoT end-node devices at a low cost.

  • Kit Features
    • SEGGER J-Link integrated debugger
    • USB CDC virtual serial port
    • 8 Mbit SPI ultra-low power NOR Flash for local storage
    • High brightness LEDs
    • Size: 45 mm x 30 mm
    • Extendibility: 20 breakout pins
    • Simplicity Studio supported
  • Wireless Gecko – EFR32MG12 Multi-Protocol Radio
    • ARM® Cortex®-M4 core with 256 kB RAM and 1024 kB Flash
    • Low energy consumption
    • Flexible MCU peripheral interfaces
  • Mobile App
    • Mobile app for Android and iOS
    • iOS app implemented in Swift
    • Android app implanted in Native code
    • Source code available at GitHub
    • Beacon notifications
    • View sensor data
    • Control LEDs and detect button pushes
    • Stream sensor data to the cloud
  • Sensors
    • Relative humidity and temperature sensor Si7021
    • UV and ambient light sensor Si1133
    • Magnetic Hall effect sensor Si7210
    • Pressure sensor BMP280
    • Indoor air quality and gas sensor CCS811
    • 6-axis inertial sensor ICM-20648
    • TDK InvenSense ICS-43434 microphone
  • Cloud Streaming
    • Data is stored in Firebase
    • Web frontend is implemented in ReactJS
      • Using Alt.js as the flux implementation
      • D3.js for data driven charts
    • All source code available

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