5″ 800×480 HDMI TFT Display with Backlight Control for Raspberry Pi

5″ 800×480 HDMI TFT Display with Backlight Control for Raspberry Pi

Elecrow has just launched a new 5″ HDMI display with resistive touch screen designed for the Raspberry Pi boards, and whose main feature is to support backlight control over GPIO 11 in order to lower power consumption.

This is a 5 inch mini HDMI touch screen for Raspberry Pi, with high resolution that will provide a large viewing screen for Raspberry Pi. Compared with another type of 5-inch display sfor Raspberry Pi, the backlight of this 5-inch display can be controlled by Raspberry Pi GPIO pin 11. Generally, the backlight is on, then input a high level, it will turn off. The Pin 11 control a MOS tube switch on or off, the MOS tube switch will enable and disable the EN end of the backlight power IC. This design makes it convenient to control the backlight when we put the display into a product, and safe power at the same time.

Although this 800×480 HDMI display is designed for Raspberry Pi, you can also use it with any computer that has HDMI output.

Specifications for RPD19048A display:

  • Screen – 5″ TFT resistive touch screen display with 800×480 resolution @ 60 Hz;
  • LCD Driver IC – Display Future ILI9486L (Likely wrong as this only supports 480×320 resolution)
  • Touch controller – XPT2046 4-wire resistive touch controller
  • Video Input – HDMI
  • Power Supply – 5V/1A via micro USB port or Raspberry Pi header
  • Dimensions – 121.11 x 77.93mm
  • Weight – 175g

The resistive touch and backlight control functions will only work with a Raspberry Pi model B, 2B, 3B, or 3B+, and potentially Raspberry Pi compatible boards such as Tinker Board or Rock64, but you’d need to carefully check the pins used on the RPI header and potentially modify the software. This 5″ HDMI touch screen display can be purchased directly on Elecrow store for $39.90 plus shipping.

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