Lithium Coin Cell Charger for Rechargeable Coin Batteries

Lithium Coin Cell Charger for Rechargeable Coin Batteries


This versatile charger has been designed to charge Lithium Coin Cell Rechargeable CR2016/CR2025/CR2032 Coin Batteries. Just insert the battery to the holder, and plug in to any USB port to recharge, D3 Power LED, D1 LED indicates the charge cycle. The board has been designed to use dual chips, either BQ21040 IC from Texas instruments or MCP73831 from Microchip however the board is tested with BQ21040 IC.

Programmable Charge Current using External Resistor up to 800 mA (default set to 50mA), follow formula bellow to set the desired current.

An external resistor R2 is used to Program the Output Current (50 to 800 mA) and can be used as a current monitor.

Lithium Coin Cell Charger for Rechargeable CR2016 CR2025 CR2032 Coin Batteries – [Link]

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Diana L Hinton

How can I buy this charger for CR2016 LED coin cell batteries