Renesas Power Supply with Supercapacitor

Renesas Power Supply with Supercapacitor

Renesas’ power supply with supercapacitor can be used to replace the traditional battery as a backup power supply

Renesas’ ISL85403 buck-boost regulator is a power supply system with a supercapacitor and a wide input voltage range that supports from 3 V to 40 V with a 2.5 A output. A supercapacitor can be used to replace the traditional battery (with defects such as electrolyte leakage) as a backup power supply.

In boost mode, this regulator can discharge the capacitor energy as much as the present electronic components, which maximizes the use of capacitive energy and helps save cost. When the load is small, the discharge efficiency can be as high as 82% at 100 mA. At high current (1 A output), this design can still achieve over 50% discharge efficiency. The high-performance LDO, high-efficiency MOSFET, and precise voltage supervisor provide the integrated power system solution.


  • The ISL85403 can fully extract the power of a supercapacitor (can be as low as 0.3 V)
  • The ISL88002 voltage supervisor monitors the power status
  • The ISL9001A is a high-performance LDO with low ISUPPLY and high PSRR
  • The RJK03M5DNS N-MOSFET supports high-efficiency drive and low heat design

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