How to use PICKit+ with MPLAB-X IDE

How to use PICKit+ with MPLAB-X IDE

PICKit+ recently announced that it is now possible to Program Microchip PICs from MPLAB-X using PICkit2 programmer and it’s even possible for those PICs that MPLAB-X programmer operations do not support.

The challenge

There are many PIC microcontrollers that currently not supported by MPLAB-X or MPLAB-IPE. This typically includes:

  • 16(L)F15xxx
  • 16(L)F18xxx
  • 16(L)F19xxx
  • 18(L)FxxK40
  • 18(L)FxxK42
  • 18(L)FxxK83
  • 18(L)FxxQ10
  • 18(L)FxxQ43

The Solution

This can be done by using the PICkit2 programmer and integrate it with MPLAB-X and be able to program old and new PICs.

  • Easy to integrate
  • No complex firmware changes required
  • Leverages your current investment in your programmers
  • The complexity of the MPLAB-X programmer setup removed.  It just works.
  • Support clone PICkit2 programmers

And the same applies to PICkit3 programmers.


A demonstration

Program a 18F24k42 to flash an LED

  1. Create and edit MPLAB-X project to flash Porta.0
  2. Configure MPLAB-X project to use PICKitPlus
  3. You can use a PICkit2 or PICkit3 programmer
  4. Review results

for more details on the process check the video above.

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