Nexperia Releases New GaN FET Devices

Nexperia Releases New GaN FET Devices


Nexperia released a new set of GaN FET devices (650 V GAN041-650WSB in TO-247 and GAN039-650NBB in CCPAK) that feature the company’s high-voltage GaN HEMT H2 technology in both TO-247 and the company’s proprietary CCPAK surface mount packaging. The cascode within the devices allows for higher levels of switching FOMs and on-state performance.

Features of the new GaN FET devices, per a press release, include the following:

The new GaN technology employs through-epi vias, reducing defects and shrinking die size by around 24%. RDS(on) is also reduced to just 41 mΩ (max., 35 mΩ typ. at 25 °C) with the initial release in traditional TO-247, with high threshold voltage and low diode forward voltage. The reduction will further increase, to 39 mΩ (max., 33 mΩ typ. At 25 °C) with CCPAK surface-mount versions. Because the parts are configured as cascode devices, they are also simple to drive using standard Si MOSFET drivers. Both versions meet the demands of AEC-Q101 for automotive applications.

Nexperia’s CCPAK surface-mount packaging leverages the company’s copper-clip package technology, which replaces internal bond wires. The technology allows for reduction in parasitic losses, optimizes electrical and thermal performance, and improves reliability, according to the company.

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