Power supply IC packs eight buck regulators

Power supply IC packs eight buck regulators


Aimed at systems requiring multiple low-voltage supplies, Linear Technology’s LTC3374A can be configured to supply two to eight independent regulated outputs with 15 possible output-current configurations. Each of the eight synchronous 1-A buck converters is powered from an independent 2.25-V to 5.5-V input supply. Output voltage range is 0.8 V to VIN. by @ edn.com

The LTC3374A is well-suited for a variety of multichannel applications, including industrial, automotive, and communication systems. Along with a peak efficiency of 94%, the device provides one output with ±1% voltage accuracy and up to seven additional outputs with ±2% accuracy. Up to four adjacent buck regulators can be combined in parallel to provide up to 4 A of output current with a single shared inductor by connecting their VIN pins together, their SW pins together, and by connecting the slave bucks’ FB pins to the input supply.

Power supply IC packs eight buck regulators – [Link]


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