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12 Apr 2014

Why do digital oscilloscopes appear noisier than traditional analog oscilloscopes?
Dave busts the myth that digital scopes are noiser than analog scopes, and demonstrates what inherent advantages digital scopes can have over analog scopes in terms of true waveform capture. And also why your analog scope may be hiding important signal detail from you.
Demonstrations of how memory depth, analog bandwidth, averaging, and intensity graded displays can all effect the signal detail you see on your digital oscilloscope.
And how long exposure camera shots on analog oscilloscopes can reveal detail you can’t see with your eyes.

EEVblog #601 – Why Digital Oscilloscopes Appear Noisy - [Link]

6 Apr 2014

This video reviews the two most common reasons why the output amplitude setting on a function or signal generator doesn’t match what is read on an oscilloscope. This can be due to an incorrect attenuation setting on the scope, but is most commonly due to the fact that the generator is not presented with the load impedance that it is expecting. To correct this most common case, you can either use the correct load impedance, or tell the generator what load you are presenting it with.

Why your Function Generator’s output voltage reading can be wrong - [Link]


30 Mar 2014

This video discusses how to measure the ESR (equivalent series resistance) of a capacitor using an oscilloscope and function generator. All of the capacitors tested in this video were 220uF electrolytic caps. In reality, the resistance in the plates of a dried out electrolytic capacitor can’t be modeled as a simple series resistor, but for the purposes of identifying good from bad, this simplification works fine.

Measure Capacitor ESR with an Oscilloscope and Function Generator - [Link]

22 Mar 2014

In this episode Shahriar reviews and demos the second revision of the industry’s first Mixed Domain Oscilloscope from Tektronix. The MDO4000B series offers improved signal integrity and performance. The reviewed model is a MDO4104B-6 which offers 16-Channel Logic Analyzer, 4-Channel Oscilloscope with 1GHz of analog bandwidth as well a 6GHz Spectrum Analyzer with greater than 1GHz of instantaneous capture bandwidth with 65dB of dynamic range.

After an overview of the instrument’s interfaces and built quality, the block diagram and principle operation of the instrument is explained. The time-correlated digital, analog and RF capturing capability is described and its advantages for debugging complex mixed-domain systems is explored. Instrument probes, accessories and various modules are also presented.

Tektronix MDO4104B-6 Mixed Domain Oscilloscope (MDO4000B) Review and Experiments - [Link]

7 Feb 2014

“stevechamberlin” hands-on review of the Rigol DS1074Z oscilloscope

Rigol DS1074Z Oscilloscope Review - [Link]

7 Feb 2014

The world’s first 100MS/s open source oscilloscope for iPad, Android and PC. A must-have for every Arduino and Raspberry Pi developer!

The SmartScope combines 3 high-end instruments into 1 mobile, smart device. Accessible previously only to high-tech labs, the SmartScope allows everyone to own a personal lab!

Starring a dual-channel 100MS/s oscilloscope, the SmartScope is the world’s first lab instrument which works on both PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone. This is a must-have for any maker, and for anybody involved in hardware development!

SmartScope – 100MS/s Open Source Oscilloscope for mobile devices and PC (Kickstarter) - [Link]

10 Jan 2014


DSLogic is an interesting open source 200MHz logic analyzer project on Kickstarter.

Most of electronic instruments are designed in professional fashion. They are dedicated, traditional, well functioned, and most importantly, expensive. They are usually only available and affordable to academic and industry. Individuals, however, are not lucky enough to get the best electronic instruments as they want. This is how we are inspired to make DSLogic. [...]

DSLogic consists of DSLogic-Core and extension modules. DSLogic-Core is a re-configurable circuit board based on FPGA technology with maximum 200MHz sampling rate and 64Mbit on-board memory. DSLogic-Core can work alone as a fully functional logic analyzer, along with various extension modules. DSLogic can also work as oscilloscope, data acquisition system, protocol analyzer and even RF analyzer.

DSLogic – Multifunction Instruments For Everyone - [Link]

2 Dec 2013

RIGOL DS-4054 Oscilloscope is a member of RIGOL’s DS400 Series of Digital Oscilloscopes, a series of versatile and high performance oscilloscopes that integrates today’s most advanced features and technologies. The DS-4054 model features a 9 Inch wide display with 500 MHz bandwidth. The important buttons are easy to find like the control and functional buttons. Channel and measurement settings are located in an easy to find menu that makes adding measurements to the display a quick and easy process. Custom measurements can also be done through manual option allowing users to adjust the cursor freely.

At a market price of $5,899, the DS-4054 boosts some special features unique to its price range. One feature highlighted is that the device can be used in various triggering modes. Through triggering menu featured in this device, users can go to different triggering functionalities like the conventional Edge type triggers, communication type triggers and even custom triggers that can be set-up. Another plus for the DS-4054 is its recording capability. The device is equipped with waveform recording and display functionality allowing users to have a closer look of signals that appear unusual making it more convenient to examine the waveforms. The device uses ultravision technology that insures numerous options of waveform recording and analysis due to its large memory and high acquisition rate.

RIGOL DS-4054 Oscilloscope being part of the DS400 Series is likely to become more successful than other market leaders. Compared to its closest competitor the Tektronix DP0300 with a sampling rate of 2.5 GSa/s, memory of 5 Mpts and an acquisition rate of 50,000 wfms/s, the DS-4054 already boosts a 4 GSa/a sampling rate, 140 Mpts memory and an acquisition rate of 50,000 wfms/s. For connectivity, the device also comprises a USB, Ethernet and a VGA output port. The RIGOL DS-4054 in total provides users easy measurement access, exceptional display and is definitely worth the price you pay for the device.

RIGOL DS-4054 Digital Oscilloscope – Product Overview - [Link]

13 Nov 2013

Wednesday again belonged to SOS webinars. This time you could learn more about Rohde & Schwarz and mainly about its products, so-called „Value Instruments“.

Video from SOS webinar – The use of oscilloscopes in practice - [Link]

13 Nov 2013


Saelig Company, Inc. announces the availability of the new PicoScope 2000 series oscilloscopes, which are 80% smaller than their predecessors, similar in size to a passport but ¾” thick.  Connected to a PCʼs USB port for power and communication, they offer bandwidths up to 200MHz, making them ideal for field use while offering the performance of benchtop scopes.  They feature a sample rate of up to 1GSa/s, with high-speed streaming of data up to 1MSa/s, enabling data captures of up to 100 million samples in length.  The series incorporate a built-in 100MSa/s or 1GSa/s waveform generator, PicoScope 2000 series oscilloscopes can produce standard signals such as sine, square, and triangle waveforms with programmable sweep, and can also act as a 12-bit 20MSa/s full-function arbitrary waveform generator that can reproduce sampled signals – a very useful feature.

The free PicoScope software delivers an uncomplicated high-resolution visual display, and it incorporates a range of advanced signal processing features: spectrum analyzer, automatic measurements with statistics, channel math, reference waveforms, multiple scope and spectrum views, and serial protocol decoding for I2C, CANbus, SPI, I2S, and UART.  Example code is also supplied for those users who want to develop custom applications in C, Visual Basic, LabView, etc.

A Software Development Kit (SDK) is also included, which allows scope control using custom or third-party software. The SDK and PicoScope are Windows-compatible, and example programs in C, Excel and LabView are also provided.

The included PicoScope software for Windows harnesses the PCʼs processing power, storage, graphics and networking capabilities. The user interface is easy for novices to learn, but professional users will find many advanced features including spectrum analysis, persistence display, automatic measurements, advanced triggers and channel math capabilities. Users can download software updates, feature extensions and improvements free of charge.

Made by Pico Technology, Europeʼs award-winning oscilloscope adapter manufacturer, the PicoScope 2000 series is supplied complete with two passive x1/x10 probes and a carry case. They are available now with a 5-year warranty starting at $260 from Saelig Company, Inc. their USA technical distributor. For detailed specifications, free technical assistance, or additional information, please contact Saelig 1-888-7SAELIG, via email: info@saelig.com, or visit www.saelig.com

NEW PicoScope 2000 series oscilloscopes - [Link]





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