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21 Jun 2011

Big Mess o’ Wires backcountry logger: [via]

If you’re just tuning in, the backcountry logger concept is a portable ATmega-powered device that collects temperature, air pressure, and altitude data, and shows graphs on a built-in LCD screen. It’s intended for hikers, climbers, and other outdoorsy folks who want to know if it was colder last night than three nights ago, whether the ridge they’re on is the 10200′ or 10600′ one from the map, or whether a storm is likely soon. Much attention has been giving to minimizing power consumption, so the battery should last many months.

The backcountry logger – [Link]

3 Responses to “The backcountry logger”

  1. mrmts Says:

    Awesome link. Clearly someone got distracted when making this post. I’ve always wondered how tats and dataloggers go together.

  2. theguy Says:

    The link to this article is wrong. You MIGHT want to check it…

  3. admin Says:

    Link corrected. Thanks

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