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16 Jan 2012

With multimeters VA 503 and VA 505B you don´t have to catch the SMT components on the table anymore! Speed and comfort of measurment with these multimeters will probably amaze you. 

Measuring of resistance, capacity, diode and conductivity test – those are the tasks, which SMT tweezers handle with easiness. Naturally, all this can be measured also with a usual multimeter, but with one condition – usually you´ll need both hands for it and even so small SMT components have a tendency to jump out of measuring tips. At this process there is also an increased risk of damage to their sensitive soldering pads.

VA 503 and VA 505B SMT measuring tweezers eliminate all these nuisances. You only need one hand for measuring and measuring tips are fixed against side shift, thus a measured component practically cannot slip out of tweezers. From the principle of tweezers also one pleasant feature results – you can use the measuring tweezers also like a “usual tweezers”, i.e. you can use it to relocate a measured component to various organizers, right after the measurement. Measuring tips are made of quality non-magnetic material.

From a user point of view, the main difference between VA 503 and VA 505B is, that the VA 505B can measure also in an automatic mode, when the device automatically chooses not only a measuring range but even recognizes a measured component type (R,C or Diode). VA 505B is also able to measure even very high capacitancies – up to 60mF (60 000uF). VA 503 has a maximum display value of 3999 and VA 505B – 5999. A relatively high resolution of both devices makes them suitable also for sorting of components – for example when selecting more capacitors or resistors with the same value. In this case, when we don´t need an absolute accuracy, but mainly a comparison of components values, we can relatively very accurately select components with the same values – for example for usage in various filters or resistive dividers. Measuring of diodes is at 1mA and a 2.8V open circuit voltage, what enables to measure also all kinds of usual LED diodes. Devices also feature an auto power-off function. Detailed information will provide you the VA503_505 datasheet.

Measure SMT components by only one hand – [Link]

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