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26 May 2013


electronics-diy.com writes:

This article shows you how to build a very simple FM transmitter from thirteen components, a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and a 9v battery. This project was designed to be mounted on a PCB, however you don’t have to. You could construct the project on Vero board (strip board) or any other 0.1” pitch style of project board. If you just want to experiment with this circuit, you don’t even need a board; you can just solder the component s together and let the completed project just rest on the work top. No matter which style you choose, try to keep all component leads nice and short. You could also make the PCB much smaller than the one shown here which is approx. 3 cm square. This is a good size to keep the unit small but nicer to work on for beginners. If you wanted to make one really small, you could use all SMT parts.

Simple FM Transmitter – [Link]

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  1. Audioguru Says:

    The circuit is too simple to transmit voices or music to an FM radio:
    1) It does not have a voltage regulator so its frequency changes as the battery runs down.
    2) It does not have a buffer RF amplifier to separate the oscillator tuned LC circuit from the antenna so its frequency changes if something moves toward or away from the antenna.
    3) It sounds awful like an AM radio or a telephone (no high audio frequencies) because it is missing pre-emphasis.

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