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1 Oct 2007


 2.2″ QVGA Smart LCD – μLCD-320-PMD2

4D Systems designs and manufactures intelligent, cost effective modules for any embedded microprocessor based system or as an independent stand alone system. Our All-in-One smart display modules offer a simple 2 wire interface to any host processor and the command set is easy to use and understand.

 The μLCD is a compact & cost effective all in one ‘SMART” LCD module with an embedded graphics controller that will deliver ‘stand-alone’ functionality to your project.

The ‘simple to use’ embedded commands not only control background colour but can produce text in a variety of sizes as well as draw shapes (which can include user definable bitmapped characters such as logos) in 256 or 65,536 colours whilst freeing up the host processor from the ‘processor hungry ‘ screen control functions.

This means a simple micro-controller with a standard serial or USB interface can drive the μLCD module with total ease.

4D Systems – 2.2″ QVGA Smart LCD – [Link]


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