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20 Sep 2011

320 European cities

The Researchers’ Night is a Europe-wide event bringing together the public at large and researchers once a year on the fourth Friday of September. This year it takes place on 23 September in over 800 venues of 320 European cities in 32 countries.

European Researchers Night 2011 - [Link]

20 Sep 2011

The Open 7400 Logic Competition brings awareness to open hardware and software, and fosters understanding of the building blocks of modern integrated circuits. What can you build with logic chips?

Open 7400 Logic Competition - [Link]

20 Sep 2011

partkeepr.org – this looks like it’s going to be handy! – [via]

When the Hackerspace RaumZeitLabor started their electronic parts sorting, they realized that no good software existed to manage electronic parts. They started off using PartDB (a german software, written in mixed PHP+HTML), but realized that the software wasn’t powerful enough and awkward to extend with new functionality.

The hackers Felicitus, nessi and DaFo (amonst others) started to think about a new system, which eventually was written in 2011.

partkeepr.org - [Link]

17 Sep 2011

Cheat Sheets & Quick Reference Cards for Developers @ DevCheatSheet.com – [via]

Cheat Sheets & Quick Reference Cards for Developers - [Link]

17 Sep 2011

Learn to code @ Codecademy. [via]

Codecademy is the easiest way to learn how to code. It’s interactive, fun, and you can do it with your friends.

Learn to code @Codecademy - [Link]

13 Sep 2011


www.datasheets.com – [via]

Anyone who’s been tracking the business of providing product information and data knows that companies have risen, striven, and died based on the belief that they could help you make that device or component selection easier than anyone else, and some have prevailed. With that idea in mind, I’m excited to guide you to our latest service, www.datasheets.com, and what I think is the best free site out there to help you find, select, and obtain the part you need when you need it.

The result of a partnership between EDN’s owner, UBM Electronics, and SiliconExpert Technologies, Datasheets.com hosts data sheets and information on 185 million parts—and growing—and is rife with selection features, including parametric searches, saved searches, parts comparisons, and inventory watches. Independent companies have in the past provided parametric-search capabilities for specific parts—microcontrollers, for example—but this task is difficult to do for everything from resistors to power devices and processors. Datasheets.com does it and does it well. It also allows you to save your searches and go back to them later.

www.datasheets.com – Electronics Parts Datasheets - [Link]

26 Aug 2011

Libstock is a community website created by mikroElektronika, allowing users to share their projects and libraries. It was created to provide the community with the right and necessary infrastructure.

Libstock is a powerful concept, encapsulating many useful features for easier navigation, flexibility in code presentation, and mechanisms to getting what you are seeking for, using categories, search, sorting and filters. Libstock allows you to stay in touch with your fellow contributors, to be notified of code changes, to discuss code implementation, but also express your wishes for future development. Libstock, mikroElektronika say, is far more comprehensive and user-friendly than any other embedded community website. It’s the best place for code! [via]

Community website for emebbed progrogrammers - [Link]

24 Aug 2011

Do you know SocialCompare.com, a Flexible and Collaborative Comparison Engine ?

There are already many comparison tables in High Tech area, such as comparisons of Smartphones, Tablets, Ereaders, Android versions…

Actually, it is a kind of “Wikipedia” site since everyone can contribute by creating lists, interactive comparison tables… (data are published under open licenses).

 It’s very easy to add, maintain data…, everything can be compared !  (not only high tech products.. but also business tools, video games consoles, crowdfunding sites, curation tools, politics, people.. and so on, the limit is only your imagination…)

Different table views of similar data can be saved (choosing the cells order of the table, the elements to be compared or the list of comparison criteria that can be: video, images, users ratings, users votes, text, yes/no…).

There is also a visual sizes comparison tool of objects when you click on a graphical icon in the top left corner of a table (containing the dimensions criteria, great to compare smartphones or tablets sizes for example).

It is also available as an independent and innovative visualization tool to compare sizes of various things (without building any matrix):


SocialCompare.com: Collaborative comparison engine - [Link]

12 Aug 2011

Helping design engineers develop new products through the element14 knode faster and more efficiently, element14 announced an agreement this week with global RTOS leader Micriµm, to provide free evaluation access to the source code for Micriµm’s µC/OS-III Real-Time Kernel. The new solution is downloadable from the Operating Systems and Stacks room in the element14 knode.

µC/OS-III books, compatible evaluation boards, tools and projects, as well as free PDF versions of Micriµm’s book, are all offered through the element14 knode to help ensure that developers evaluating uC/OS-III make the most of the design experience. Licenses are also available for purchase directly from element14 that leverage the full-featured and fully supported industry strength software, helping to simplify the design process and streamline the path from evaluation to production even further! 

element14 knode Now Offers Micriµm’s µC/OS-III Real-Time Kernel Source Code  - [Link]

4 Aug 2011

As you know, the recently launched element14 knode  is the world’s first design solutions gateway that brings knowledge (KNO) and design engineering (DE) together in one place, giving engineers one interface to a world of design solutions. element14 created the knode to streamline the design process and offer a new platform for peer collaboration.

Now, element14 is inviting electronic enthusiasts and engineers who are registered at the online community to participate in the “Are you in the knode?” challenge to win tech prizes everyday through Oct. 1. Prizes from leading manufacturers, such as Microchip, ST, NXP, Texas Instruments, and Linear Technology, will be given away daily. In addition, all entrants of a daily draw have a chance to win a weekly giveaway, and one grand prize winner will also be chosen from everyone who entered the challenge.

With the development of the knode, element14 is continuing to be a provider of design engineering solutions that go beyond components, giving engineers more tools they need to get their jobs done. We hope you’ll share this information about the challenge with your readers so they can join the fun and utilize all the benefits that the knode and the element14 community have to offer.

element14 Challenge & Prizes-Are you in the knode - [Link]





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