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25 Aug 2014


Pleasant actuation characteristics and reliable features of a push button switch Marquardt series 1840 make it attractive for all applications where you require control by a push.

Classic push-button switches are favorite for many decades, maybe also because they´re well known already from the beginnings of electronics. Probably, a nostalgia is not the only reason making them popular, but mainly an easy control, when even an unacquainted person knows, that it´s something “what has to be pushed” to change a status of an electric device.

Exactly a term “to change a status” is important, because at these switches it´s not possible (or not easily visible), whether it´s switched on or off. Though it´s true, that the majority of such switches is a little bit pushed down (lowered) in a switched on status, but the difference is often small. That´s why these switches are not suitable for applications, where from safety reasons it´s necessary to know tha status of the switch before connecting to a mains line.

Switch 1841.1301 (SPNC) belongs to a top in this segment and offers a really pleasant control and a quality switching system with a mechanical endurance of min. 100 000 cycles. 6A/ 250V is far sufficient for many applications and assembly is simple – by means of an M12 nut supplied. An interesting supplement is also a neoprene cap integrated with an M12 nut, enabling to gain a considerable resistance to water and dust. Also available are 2-pole versions – 1842 and also versions functioning as a push-button (momentary).

There are 2 nuts supplied. One is “regular” – hexagonal and the other one is a round type intended to be used as a top cover on a front panel. Further detailed information will provide you the Marquardt 1840 datasheet.

Marquardt 1841 – above standard classics – [Link]

16 Feb 2014


Why is it worth to use a push-button with a declared resistance to dust and water even in a common environment?

In case, that a device is used outdoor, it is usually a necessity. But how is it in the case, that a device will be operated indoor in a relatively “good” environment? Here it depends mainly on a designer´s choice, whether he´ll use a component with a higher protection class or not. Despite the fact, that to use a push button with a higher IP class usually means somewhat higher price, but it provides one big advantage – reliability.
We know, that even in an indoor environment, especially in a production halls or stocks it´s very often a higher dustiness and a remarkably fluctuating humidity. These are naturally conditions, which don´t flourish to contacts, thus a button or a switch with a higher protection class can mean a significant increasing of reliability.

In the nowadays „microprocessor“ age, it´s very often, that the control buttons switch only a minimal current. As a result, this small current isn´t able to act as self-cleaning for contacts and the switches fail prematurely. Even in these cases, it´s beneficial, when a push button is more resistant to dust and water.

Marquardt 5000.0501 is a literally universal push button, because it features an IP54 protection class from both sides. It´s able to switch 4(2)A/250V AC and a plus is also a high mechanical lifetime – up to 200.000 cycles. Relatively higher driving force and a sufficiently long travel (4mm) acts also as a protection against accidental operation.

Marquardt 5000 series push buttons won´t be scared of dust and water – [Link]

17 Jul 2013


Top quality rocker switch with an IP65 protection can be available even for a very competitive price. It is the case of a novelty in our offer – Marquardt 1932.3112.

Series 1930 may be probably familiar to you, for example from our article Series 1930 – Double Pole Rocker Switches with IP65. Till now, we had in stock types 1935.x with green and red backlight.

We react to your requests for switch with the same excellent properties but without a backlight and for as good price as possible. Type 1932.3112 from company Marquardt features an advanced construction with an integrated gasket, thus the switch doesn´t require any other sealing or a special assembly procedure to reach IP 65.
With the price under 2 EUR/ pcs and a considerable stock level, we´re able to offer you a top quality switch for a very affordable price. The switch contains a reliable mechanism with a long lifetime and handles up to 120A inrush (capacitive) current.

In case of interest even in other versions, please contact us at info@soselectronic.com.

Say stop to dust and water with the Marquardt 1932 switch – [Link]

28 Jun 2012

Marquardt 1820

Toggle switches Marquardt 1820 series represent switches with a long-term proven switching mechanism and a high reliability.

Toggle switches have their stable place already for many decades thanks to their properties, especially an easy control even at tight assembly of more pieces next to each other. Moreover, the actuation characteristics of 1820 series is very fluent – smooth and very pleasant from the user point of view. With a mechanical endurance of 50 000 cycles they provide a really reliable solution.

of these switches is very simple – by means of an M12 metal nut. Directly from our stock we offer you types 1821.6101 (0-1 SPST), 1823.1101 (1-1 SPDT) and 1824.1101 (1-1 DPDT). In the Marquardt 1820 datasheet can be found detailed specification, as well as a list of available accessories.

Elegant classics – Marquardt 1820 – [Link]

16 Jan 2012

If you´re searching for a rocker switch with small dimensions and a great design, then you shouldn´t overlook the Marquardt 1858. 

Marquardt 1858 is a miniature 2-pole switch with 10A/250VAC rating, made of immediately self-extinguishing material (UL-94V0). Inspite of small dimensions it handles up to 100A inrush (capacitive) currents. Silver plated terminals provide a low resistance and a safe plugging of connectors (fastons) is ensured by double fixing of terminals in the switch housing. Ambient temperature on the terminals side can be up to 100°C, what enables to use the switch even in pent conditions of power applications. For an increased dust and water protection you can use the 203.089.011 transparent cover. The switch surface is silky matt with an abrasion-proof marking.

Small dimensions and an elegant design make the Marquardt 1858 switch suitable for applications like for example a main power switch of various devices, as well as for a control of peripherials. In the 1858 series there are available switches in various versions, in stock we keep 1858.1103 type. Detailed information will provide you the Marquardt 1858 datasheet as well as Marquardt switches overview.

Elegant, miniature, powerful – Marquardt 1858 double switch – [Link]





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