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IR remote tester


Who never had the need to test a TV or DVD remote?

I have several times. My favorite technique was to take my mobile phone and with the camera pointed at the infrared emitter look for a flashing little purple light. The mobile phone technique is an way for testing the remote but still i decided to make a small circuit just to test the remotes.

IR remote tester – [Link]

Hacking a PIR RF signal with PIC 12F683

dangerousprototypes.com writes:

Deepak from Mindfront.net acquired a PIR alarm sensor module which transmitted a digital code over 433 MHz RF to signal an alarm receiver. The problem: he didn’t have the factory receiver. So he set out to sniff the transmitted RF signal using a RCR-433-AS receiver module with the data out fed into an oscilloscope. This allowed him to monitor the digital coded signal pattern and decode it into individual bits.

Hacking a PIR RF signal with PIC 12F683 – [Link]

Red Light for Astronomy Observing

This project shows how to build a red light suitable for reading astronomy charts while preserving eye night vision. It is based on PIC 12F683 microcontroller and brightness can be adjusted anywhere between comfortably bright and almost invisible with 128 steps of adjustment. Also there is a button for temporary brightness boost. The light consists of two parts – an old desk lamp with a patch of LCDs in place of the bulb, that is connected through an audio jack to a old mouse containing the controller and the battery.

Red Light for Astronomy Observing – [Link]

Halloween Scare using 12F683 and ISD2532

Halloween is coming up and it’s time to do some pranks.

Everyone likes Halloween and I’m no exception. Every year me and my wife decorate the house with lot’s of bugs, spider webs, creepy posters and of course lot’s of Halloween candy.

While making the normal Halloween preparations I came up with the idea of making a circuit that would make some scary noises and also would react to movement.

I expect to get some screams and laughs from friends that come to visit us this year.

The circuit is basically a sound chip that records and stores sounds in memory and plays them back with a microcontroller and it’s triggered by light and motion.

The sound chip is from maker winbond and has a very good sound quality.

Halloween Scare using 12F683 and ISD2532 – [Link]

PIC 12F683 Temperature Recorder

This project is a temperature recorder based on PIC 12F683, a serial EEPROM and a thermistor. User can set the recording interval from 1 to 256 seconds and EEPROM can store up to 32000 measurements. Thermistor linear range is between -10 °C and +40 °C. Schematic, PCB and code is available on the link below.

PIC 12F683 Temperature Recorder – [Link]

RS232 to PS/2 Interface

This project is a Microchip PIC microcontroller with an RS232 serial interface on one side and an PS/2 (keyboard or mouse) interface on the other. The PS/2 interface uses bit-banging on a 12F683 device.

The PS/2 interface operates as a host and initialises the keyboard or mouse before going into a never-ending loop of reading the data and sending it to the RS232 interface.

RS232 to PS/2 Interface – [Link]