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RGB Tilty Cube

benoztalay.wordpress.com writes:

This project was, effectively, my introduction to microcontrollers. I was rather short on time, though, for this (it was a Christmas present, after all), so I’ve had to wait until after the fact to write about it. So, this is a long post.

The idea is that, inside of a frosted plexiglass cube, there’s an accelerometer, a microcontroller, and a few RGB LEDs. As the cube is tilted, it glows different colors. Each axis from the 3-axis accelerometer controls the brightness of each color component in the LEDs. Prior to doing this, I hadn’t had any experience with microcontrollers beyond knowing what they are, so I had a fair amount to learn.

RGB Tilty Cube – [Link]

Led Cube 4x4x4

The LED cube 4x4x4 has the atmega32 controller and uses POV multiplexing to switch the 64 LEDS. A total of 16 transistors are used to switch on the Led columns and then another total of 4 lines to switch on or off the ground layer. So a total of 16+4 = 20 lines are needed to make the LED cube 4x4x4 work. It is important that the 4 ground layers are switched between them to switch one layer at a time and the switch the desired led’s on the particular layer.

Led Cube 4x4x4  – [Link]

Arduino LED cube


It seems that Arduino board has strong positions among electronic hobbyists. This makes a good base for various projects that can be prototyped very fast. LED cube is made of 3×3×3=27 LEDs that is not much, but it is still FUN to play with. Full source code is available for compiling and modifying it. [via]

Arduino LED cube – [Link]

5x5x5 LED CUBE


That’s a guide to build your own 5x5x5 led cube made by “th_shak”. Full instructions can be downloaded here (rar pass = led_cube) and you can see it in action here. PCB, schematics and source code is included.


  • ATmega32 running at 16MHz
  • D type Flip-Flops
  • PNP (common anode driving) transistors
  • 125 high brightness blue LEDs


  • CodeVisionAVR

5x5x5 LED CUBE – [Link]