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5-Band Graphic Equalizer

This complete high quality, low noise 5-BAND GRAPHIC EQUALIZER circuit is based around Monolithic Linear integrated circuit LA3600 manufactured by SANYO. This circuit is very easy to build and has good Quality. You can use it with Portable component stereos, tape-recorders, radio-cassette recorders, car stereos etc…
It is On-chip one operational amplifier. 5-band graphic equalizer for one channel can be formed easily by externally connecting capacitors and variable resistors which fix fo (resonance frequency).

5-Band Graphic Equalizer – [Link]

Music Equalizer Display

Music equalizers are traditionally broken up into the different frequency ranges in order to “equalize” the sound that comes out. The equalizer display that we’ll make in this tutorial will just be based off of the straight music signal.

An amplitude based equalizer isn’t terribly useful however it still looks cool =D and you’ll learn how to use the A/D converters on the pic. The audio signal we’ll use will be generated from a laptop then converted and understood by the pic.

Music Equalizer Display – [Link]