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Freeduino SB

The ‘duino variants keep a rollin’ on in – The Freeduino SB from Solarbotics/ HVWTech features – USB Mini jack(optional type B), pads for an ARef trimpot, and a much appreciated power switch. The board comes as a kit with all SMD parts already mounted. Good to see a switch finally grace an Arduino board. [via]

Freeduino SB – [Link]

uDuino: Very Low Cost Arduino Compatible Development Board


tymm writes:

Arduino boards are great for prototyping. However they get rather expensive when you have multiple concurrent projects or need lots of controller boards for a larger project. There are some great, cheaper alternatives (Boarduino, Freeduino) but the costs still add up when you need many of them.

This is a way, after about $25-$30 initial investment, to build sub-$10 Arduino-compatible boards with very little extra time investment on each.

uDuino: Very Low Cost Arduino Compatible Development Board – [Link]

Bare Bones Arduino Diecimila Mod


David Fowler of uC Hobby writes:

A new version of the Arduino board was released that added a cool new feature. With help from Paul Badger of Modern Device Company and Brian of the Freeduino project this article will show you how to modify the Bare Bones Arduino board to make it compatible with the new Diecimila Arduino. No more pressing the reset button to load your code and no more long waits to see if it runs.

Bare Bones Arduino Diecimila Mod – [Link]