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Digital Thermostat with LED Temperature Display

unusualelectronics.co.uk writes:

I needed to replace two old, unreliable thermostats for controlling the heating and cooling for a large garden shed.
Commercial basic digital thermostats are available quite cheaply, but some lack the ability to control heavy loads or have the extra features that I require for saving energy when the door is often left open or to indicate temperature being out of range etc.

I like the PIC18F1320 microcontroller used in my previous project – so decided to use it again in a very similar design to drive three multiplexed LED displays and read the temperature from a Dallas/Maxim DS18x20 “1-Wire” digital sensor.

Digital Thermostat with LED Temperature Display – [Link]

Chip hacker blog


 Bunnie writes –

Flylogic Engineering now has an interesting blog up on chip hacking! If you liked the posts on my blog about chip hacking, you may very much enjoy the postings at Flylogic. They’ve actually got a very nice piece up on the PIC18F1320 which reveals new findings about a device that I have some prior familiarity with. I’m looking forward to reading part II of their series!

Chip hacker blog – [Link]