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DIY Variable DC Power Supply with Display and PC interface


abhishek7xavier @ instructables.com writes:

Power supply is an utmost essential tool for an electronic lab. It comes in handy for powering up various applications and circuits. However a fixed voltage, fixed current power supply is sufficient for basic needs but a variable one is good to have because different circuits and components operate at different voltages and consumes different current. When it comes to an electronic hobbyist’s lab, a good power supply is must to have. Also if the power supply boosts additional features like on board voltage and current display, it comes in handy as one can know the exact voltage at the output terminals and also the current drawn by the load. But in the electronic market, those power supplies are not economic are meant for industrial purpose . Here in this article I present an economical and cost effective yet efficient variable bench power supply that is capable of providing 1.2 to 25 Volt variable supply up to 5 Ampere through one channel while 5 Volt, 1 Ampere and 12 Volt, 1 Ampere supply through other two channels thus having one variable and two fixed supply channels.


DIY Variable DC Power Supply with Display and PC interface – [Link]

LM317 Simple Adjustable Linear Power Supply

jumperone.com writes:

How to build your own linear adjustable power supply based on LM317. In this tutorial I’ll explain how linear power supply works, what parts it consists of and a lot of small details, like how to calculate smoothing capacitor value, or how to choose a transformer. Plus you’ll see how to build an actual power supply.

LM317 Simple Adjustable Linear Power Supply – [Link]

Simple Linear Adjustable Power Supply Tutorial


Simple Linear Adjustable Power Supply Tutorial (Based Around LM317) by JumperOneTV… – [via]

Adjustable LM317-based power supplies are an easy way to get custom voltages for your benchtop. Also check out the MIC2941 which has some nice benefits such as ultra-low dropout, 1.25A current output and a separate biasing pin. Its nearly a drop in replacement for the LM317 – albeit a little more expensive.

Simple Linear Adjustable Power Supply Tutorial – [Link]

DIY bench power supply

SQKYbeaver posted a linear bench power supply in the project log forum. [via]

i have been working on a linear bench power supply, and have come to the conclusion that the cost of parts will be more than what i cam buy an assembled one for, however i will share what i have come up with so far so that any one interested will be able use what i have started.

DIY bench power supply – [Link]

DIY power supply for home server computer

embedded-lab.com writes:

This project describes a home made power supply for a small server computer. It uses a toroidal power transformer (not the conventional transformer) to step down the mains AC voltage. The advantages of using a Toroidal is it is quiet, efficient and smaller in size. The transformer output is then rectified and capacitive filtered. DC regulation is achieved using PTN78020 for the 12v supply, and PTN78000 for the 5V one.

DIY power supply for home server computer – [Link]

DIY Multi-function power supply unit

Embedded-Lab.com has just posted a new project called “Multi-function power supply”. It is not just a simple power supply but it has built-in Volt-, Current-, and Frequency meters. The beauty of this project is that while you are prototyping your circuit, you can continuously monitor how much current your circuit draws at a specified operating voltage. This way you will know in advance how much power your design will require. The built-in frequency counter can measure frequencies up to 50.0 MHz.

DIY Multi-function power supply unit – [Link]