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USB Tweezers for ZRLC measurements


by ajoyraman @ instructables.com:

USB connected TI TMS320F28027 based ZRLC Tweezers with

Most Digital multi-meters measure Resistance and Capacitance and LC-meters can measure Inductance and Capacitance. Presented here is a ZRLC meter which can measure Resistance, Capacitance, Inductance and Complex Impedance.

The hardware is built around a TMS320F28027 micro-controller an 8-port-analog-switch ADG714 from analog-devices and a Microchip rail-to-rail dual operational-amplifier MCP6022.


USB Tweezers for ZRLC measurements – [Link]

Make SMT probe Tweezers


Here is how to make some nice little tweezers from recycled circuit boards. You can even wire them up to your multimeter and check the resistance of your components. This would have been a popular tool at the last MAKE:NYC meeting. [via]

Ever since I started salvaging SMT components, I thought it’d be great to have a pair of tweezers wired as meter probes — grab the component, pick it up to put away, and check its value all at the same time. There actually are such things available, but the ones I’ve found start at $35 with a custom connector for that manufacturer’s meter. Not much to my liking.

Make SMT probe Tweezers – [Link]