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Workbench Light Controller

Bench Lights from Jeremy Saglimbeni on Vimeo.

Controlling high power (or a high number of) LED’s with an Arduino from Jeremy Saglimbeni on Vimeo.

Jeremy writes:

OK, so about a year or so ago, I was working at my bench and I could not quite see what I was doing. I needed more light! I got so mad, I built this in about a half a day, and fixed the problem. Now I have enough light even when working on tiny things with magnifiers on my head.

I now have 4 white 12″ CCFL tubes, 6 1 watt warm white LED’s, 144 cool white LED’s (in strips), and 12 5mm diffused white LED’s under the bench pointed at the floor (did you ever drop anything?). All the LED’s are ramped on and off with PWM dimming as you will see in the video above. I also have 2 more channels available with full PWM dimming. Running everything wide open will allow you to see very well, and only consumes 17 watts.

A little overkill, but I was really frustrated. And hey, who just wants a plain ole boring switch anyway? Not me…

You can never have enough lights on your bench! [via]

UPDATE: Jeremy has made a new explanatory video (above, bottom), and shared his source code. You can check out all that new goodness here.

Workbench Light Controller – [Link]

Mobile Electronics Workbench

Morten Nisker decided to build his own Mobile Electronics Workbench including all the tools and supplies needed inside a wood box. With this carrying case you can make electronics repairs on the go and have everything organized. Check building instructions on the link below.

Mobile Electronics Workbench – [Link]