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1 Dec 2012

circuits.io. The first project is a Raspberry Pi robotic shield by Francis wyffels. “Discover campaigns raising funds to get finished electronics product shipped to you or visit our shop of circuit boards and solder your own project.” [via]

The Raspberry Pi robotic shield allows you to control a robot using a Raspberry Pi. It can drive two motors, two RC servos and can read 4 analog sensor values. This design will only be fabricated and shipped to you if it reaches its goal of $9,800.00 in pre-orders by December 28, 2012. You will not be charged if the goal is not reached.

circuits.io – Kickstarter-like electronics funding – [Link]

1 Dec 2012

[San Francisco, CA] – Amidst the countless universities and schools raising tuition rates and cost of education, one man is stepping outside the norm and providing classes on electrical engineering completely free of charge: No ads; no memberships; just free education.

Christopher Peurifoy, a Masters of Electrical Engineering graduate from California State University: Chico and creator of the electronics website pyroelectro.com, wants to share his wealth of knowledge with anyone with an Internet connection and the desire to learn. The only obstacle in his way is the cost of funding such an undertaking. Read the rest of this entry »

23 Nov 2012

Browser-based online schematic capture, SPICE simulator, and waveform viewer – [via]

PartSim is a full-featured circuit simulator that allows anyone to create, simulate and share electronic circuits using their web browser,” said Cody Miller, Aspen Labs president and CEO. “Web-based tools offer huge productivity boosts. There are no install processes, application updates are automatic, and projects are easily shared using web links. We’ve partnered with Digi-Key Corporation to offer this tool free of charge and look forward to building a community of users.

PartSim free online circuit simulator – [Link]

13 Nov 2012

The future of engineering is collaborative, cloud-based, and faster. It starts here.

We build the pickaxes of hardware engineering. Ideation tools, schematic capture, PCB layout, design hosting, parts library management, and affordable prototyping.

Design -> Share & Discover -> Simulate -> Manufacture!

Upverter.com – Cloud Engineering: Ship faster with better hardware engineering tools – [Link]

4 Nov 2012

A great online PCB verification service for free…

For added peace of mind now you can verify your PCB data prior to placing your order. PCB Visualizer is an automatic tool for data input and manufacturability analysis. Clear graphic presentation pinpoints any issues found. You can then fix them up front, helping to avoid delays to your time-critical deliveries. Upload your Extended Gerber (RS274X) or CadSoft EAGLE V6 files and let us surprise you.

pcbvisualizer.com – Free online PCB data verification service – [Link]

18 Oct 2012

3D Gerber Viewer

With this free viewer, you can upload your Gerber files and have a 360 degree view of your PCB design.  Launch the viewer to load your own design or view one of the example boards.  So simple yet so effective! Worth a donate.

3D Gerber Viewer in your browser – [Link]

17 Oct 2012

Tinkercad is the easy way to turn your idea into a professional 3D CAD model in just a few minutes.

Tinkercad is an easy-to-use 3D CAD tool – [Link]

17 Oct 2012

Revolutionizing electronic design and building  the largest open hardware community on the web

circuits.io – Free circuit editor in your browser – [Link]


16 Oct 2012

43 cloud computing services that can make life easier for application developers – all free of charge.

43 Free Cloud Services for Application Developers – [Link]

6 Aug 2012

Docircuits.com – Build, simulate, and share your circuits, entirely in your browser — no install required. Experience Online Electronics Lab. Work with real looking equipments and components. Learn About Circuits. Build circuits, Run, Analyse and Save them in easy steps. Learning circuits have never been this easy with powerful SPICE-like, mixed-mode circuit simulation helps EE students, electronics hobbyists, and electrical engineers learn faster.

Docircuits.com – Experience virtual labs for electronics on browser – [Link]





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