Ambiq Introduces Apollo510 Chip: Pioneering Energy-Efficient Edge AI

Ambiq Introduces Apollo510 Chip: Pioneering Energy-Efficient Edge AI


Ambiq, renowned for low-power “intelligent devices,” has introduced its cutting-edge Apollo510 system-on-chip (SoC), heralding a significant advancement in energy efficiency and performance for edge AI applications.

The Apollo510 brings forth a remarkable 30-fold improvement in power efficiency compared to its predecessors, setting new benchmarks for energy conservation in the industry. Powered by an Arm Cortex-M55 core with Helium acceleration extensions, this chip ensures enhanced performance with a tenfold reduction in latency and halved energy consumption.

The chip is claimed to deliver up to a 30-fold efficiency improvement over a Cortex-M4-based microcontroller

With 3.75MB of on-chip static RAM (SRAM) and tightly-coupled memory (TCM), along with 4MB of non-volatile memory, the Apollo510 guarantees seamless data handling and processing. Its high-bandwidth interfaces enable efficient communication with external memories, facilitating swift information exchange.

Built on Arm’s TrustZone technology, the Apollo510 prioritizes security with features like a trusted execution environment (TEE) and tamper-resistant one-time programming. This ensures robust protection for on-device AI applications, meeting the stringent security requirements of modern industries.

The Apollo510 addresses the evolving needs of various sectors, including health, industrial, and smart home applications. With its promise of significant performance gains, developers and device manufacturers are empowered to embrace the AI era with confidence.

Sampling with selected customers now, the Apollo510 is scheduled for general availability in the fourth quarter of the year. Ambiq will showcase the chip’s capabilities live at the Embedded World conference from April 9th to 11th. More information is available on the Ambiq website.

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