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17 Oct 2012

Revolutionizing electronic design and building  the largest open hardware community on the web

circuits.io – Free circuit editor in your browser - [Link]


11 Oct 2012

This is an open source electrontube catalogue. Its database contents base type, pin-out and some parameters of components. This database is refreshing continuously. If you are on-line and new version is available, Tubes upgrades database. Or you can download it from homepage and install manually.

electrontubes – Electrontube catalogue - [Link]

9 Oct 2012


If you store your widgets in systematic, this application helps to find quickly the wanted items.  It is a little and fast application for search in your database. If you will use it often put it to StartUp folder. There is on the system tray in minimized state. Click on icon to open search window.

StReg – Component catalog Application - [Link]

20 Sep 2012

Aisoy.com is a Spanish startup specialized in social robotics. They are introducing their new platform Aidia: the most affordable robotics research & development platform on the market.

Aidia includes:

  • Aisoy1 II. It is designed to easily develop, test and enjoy social robotics botapps.
  • DIA. It is the eaiest social robot programming tool on the market.
  • Airos1 SDK. The Aisoy1 II capabilities in your hands.

And now, you can combine your Aisoy products with other robotics technologies as Arduino, Moway and Ros by Willow Garage.

You can visit www.aisoy.comto read more about

Aidia – Affortable robotics development platform - [Link]

6 Aug 2012

Docircuits.com – Build, simulate, and share your circuits, entirely in your browser — no install required. Experience Online Electronics Lab. Work with real looking equipments and components. Learn About Circuits. Build circuits, Run, Analyse and Save them in easy steps. Learning circuits have never been this easy with powerful SPICE-like, mixed-mode circuit simulation helps EE students, electronics hobbyists, and electrical engineers learn faster.

Docircuits.com – Experience virtual labs for electronics on browser - [Link]

6 Aug 2012

Notepad++ is an excellent/advanced text editor and can be customized to your needs in an easy way. But how you “convert” it to a AVR custom IDE? Check what Vasilis writes on his blog vpapanik.blogspot.gr:

Now that you’ve chosen to drop Arduino and write in pure AVR-GCC for your next project, there are more IDE options to suit your needs. From the nice Programmer’s Notepad, included in the WinAVR installation, to the official supercharged AVRStudio. And the list is endless…

For the last couple of years, my personal preference for an advanced text editor, is, by far, the excellent Notepad++. I am a big fan of its customizable color themes and syntax highlighting, lots of editing options (like clickable links) and plugin support. Notepad++ is of course completely free and open source.

Using WinAVR with Notepad++ - [Link]

1 Aug 2012

Easy to learn, Powerful to use, 3D printing ready - [via]

Cubify Invent – $49 CAD tool… - [Link]

1 Aug 2012

PCB design toolkit – PCB Via Current | PCB Trace Width | Differential Pair Calculator | PCB Impedance – [via]

The Saturn PCB Toolkit is the best resource for PCB related calculations you can find. It incorporates many features that PCB designers and engineers are in regular need of like current capacity of a PCB trace, via current, differential pairs and much more. Please download our PCB Toolkit today for free and enjoy!

PCB design toolkit – PCB Via Current | PCB Trace Width | Differential Pair Calculator | PCB Impedance - [Link]

22 Jul 2012

Component Organizer released the source code. You can download it at github.  [via]

Component Organizer (or CO for short) is a small, cross-platform and very easy to use application targeted at all those people who have electronics as (at least) an hobby. It’s main purpose is to avoid to google for the same datasheet hundreds of times or “hey I know I already downloaded that datasheet but I can’t find it now on my computer”, so you spend less time gathering information and have more time to look at the hardware. With Component Organizer you can easily search and manage your datasheets and application notes. You can as well manage your component’s stock and be alerted when it’s on low stock or without stock. A component can be an amplifier, a microcontroller, but also a development board, a compiler… All those things that have an heavy document describing it’s features and/or how it works. It doesn’t require installation and so it’s very portable. You can use it in a PEN drive or with Dropbox allowing your data to be always accessible.

Component Organizer source code released - [Link]

22 Jul 2012

This is a small tutorial on how to make ‘3D Warehouse‘-like previews for your SketchUp 3D Models. It involves installing and using the SketchUp Web Exporter plugin – [via]

This tool will create in the given directory a collection of JPEG pictures and an HTML file containing the JavaScript code to animate the panorama, as well as a ZIP file containing the above files for convenient deployment on a website.

SketchUp tip: How to make 3D previews - [Link]





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