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30 Oct 2010

MOSIS, short for Metal Oxide Semiconductor Implementation Service is a service that enables you to share wafer space on the fabrication process of a semiconductor. That is a batch order service for custom ICs with reduced manufacturing cost. In practice you share the costs of a single IC fabrication run with other designers. This service is mainly available for Universities and start up companies but Scot Satre of Satre Electronics has used this service for his ASIC ICs.

DIY Integrated Circuit Design with MOSIS - [Link]

16 Oct 2010

Jeri shows how to make blue electroluminescent (EL) powders from common ZnS:Cu green glow powder.

Make Electroluminescent (EL) Ink at Home – [Link]

27 Sep 2010

This article discuss how to make your own LiIon batteries using obsolete Li-Ion pack able to power a robot. The overall cost is about 10$ to build a 14.4V 2.2Ah Li-ion pack. Read about the procedure on the link below.

Making your own lithium-ion batteries – [Link]

16 Sep 2010

This project shows how to build a laser projector using an Arduino, a heptagon pillbox, a cooler fan and a laser pointer. Check how it works  and construction details on the link below. The heptagon pillbox scan the projection surface and produced the words.  [via]

Because the mirrors are moving the reflected laser dot sweeps the screen from left to right, because it does it very quickly your eyes actually see an horizontal solid line, in this case you see 7 lines one on top of the other because the each mirror is at an angle.

DIY laser projector – [Link]

15 Sep 2010

This project shows how to build a temperature controlled soldering iron based on Atmega8 microcontroller. With this soldering iron you can set the desired temperature with two push buttons. Otherwise you can use three preset temperature buttons. Check schematic on the link below.

DIY Temperature Controlled Soldering Iron – [Link]

15 Sep 2010

This project shows how to build a DIY laser CNC machine using parts from old printers and a CD-ROM. The laser diode using is rated at 1W. With this machine you are able to:

  • Cut paper
  • Engrave wood and cardboard
  • Engrave plastic
  • Engrave PCBs etc


DiY: How to build a homemade Router Laser CNC - [Link]

14 Sep 2010

Flickr user Lucky Larry built this dynamo using a few rare earth magnets and a bit of wire. Check construction details on the link below.  [via]

DIY flashlight dynamo - [Link]

12 Sep 2010

Fileark writes:

A few years ago I built a keyless entry system for my shop using a keypad, now it is time to update it to use an RFID key-fob. My homemade door actuator was made from parts out of an old VCR. The electronics controlling the system consist of a few components, a NE555IC (timer), a small NPN transistor, and a double poll double throw relay.

DIY RFID Keyless Entry System - [Link]

12 Sep 2010

Instructables user AaronX621 writes:

This will show you how to replace the internal battery on your Sonicare Elite 7300. After having my 2nd one die on me within 3 yrs I figured out how to rip it apart and fix it.

How-To: Replace your electric toothbrush battery – [Link]

12 Sep 2010

Nyle Steiner of sparkbangbuzz built a Simple Homemade T.E.A. Laser using some pieces of scrap aluminum and a moderately high voltage power supply. He writes: [via]

I used to tell people “There is no such thing a true home made laser. There is always a requirement for exotic parts that can only be obtained from a laser manufacturer, and – or there is the requirement to perform exotic high vacuum, glass blowing and gas mixing processes. This would defeat much of the satisfaction of building your own laser.” When I read about TEA lasers recently though, that all changed. Here is a laser that is built from aluminum foil, a dielectric and some pieces of aluminum. It is amazing to think of a laser project where a simple 4 to 6 KV DC power supply is the most elaborate component.

DIY ultraviolet laser made from scrap aluminum - [Link]





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