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15 Apr 2011

Jon Chandler explorers the often overlooked calculations behind selecting the right resistor for an LED. This somewhat simple task is taken for granted by many, although it’s a world of mystery for others.

Got an LED and have no idea what resistor to use with it? Jon covers it step by step.

LED Calculations – [Link]

25 Mar 2011

blog.makezine.com writes:

Oscilloscopes are surprisingly easy to use once you’re familiar with a few basic controls. They’re extremely useful for testing and can provide newcomers with a whole new way to view the world of electronics & electricity – plus they look impressively cool/awesome while in use!

The Oscilloscope – [Link]

14 Mar 2011

If you need to interface a higher voltage sensor output with a lower voltage chip the simplest solution is the good old fashioned voltage divider. Here’s an online calculator to help you compute the necessary resistance values courtesy of Raltron.com. [via]

Voltage divider calculator – [Link]

10 Mar 2011

The operational amplifier is one of the most useful analog ICs available, and one of the most daunting for beginners and experienced engineers. Above is a diagram of an op-amp in a closed loop non inverting configuration. Probably the most used configuration. [via]

Operational Amplifier howtos – [Link]

22 Feb 2011

For the absolute beginner it may be hard to understand what Voltage, Current, and Resistance are.Think of voltage as water pressure, current as the size of the pipe, and resistance as a valve or restriction in the pipe.

What is Voltage Current and Resistance – [Link]

22 Feb 2011

A Resistor “resists” current flow. Think of it as a restriction in a water pipe only for electricity.

What is a Resistor? - [Link]

22 Feb 2011

Testing a Diode is easy but much easier with an analog multi-meter.

How to Test a Diode? – [Link]

22 Feb 2011

A capacitor blocks DC current but allows AC current by essentially charging up like a tiny battery, once charged the capacitor stops allowing current flow until the flow reverses.

What is a Capacitor and How to Test One – [Link]

22 Feb 2011

In this video I explain what a transformer does and how it works.

What is a transformer and how does it work? - [Link]

22 Feb 2011

Peltier Coolers or Thermal Electric Coolers are used to make things hot or cold but have another cool use. Apply a heat source to one side and keep the other side cool and the Peltier generates electricity.

What is a Peltier Cooler? – [Link]





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