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8 May 2011

megavolts.nl writes:

This is a high power switch which can be used to switch almost anything. It is designed to enable / shorting large capacitor banks for maximum energy transfer. Applications: Can Crusher, Disc Launcher, Rail Gun, etc.

High power pneumatic switch – [Link]

17 Mar 2011

hackhut.com writes:

As soon as I heard about the 555 timer contest, I knew I had to come up with something inspiring! My buddy Jay recently introduced me to Nixie Tubes, and I thought… hmm, how can I use a tube and the 555 timer? I noodled on it for a while, and ultimately came up with the notion of a KEYCHAIN! Simple really, take the smallest Nixie Tube that displays digits, and make it display a ’5′ in the smallest package possible and put it on a keychain. That was the idea… and it took quite a journey to complete.

A Nixie Tube Keychain – [Link]

14 Mar 2011

“The MakerFaire hackerspace ran out of challenges, so they rigged a Kinect up to a pair of Tesla coils. On a whim.” — Ben Kidd [via]

Hacked Kinect controls Tesla coils – [Link]

2 Feb 2011

YouTube user Ben Krasnow gives us a disassembly and explanation of the cathode ray tube found in older oscilloscopes. [via]

Oscilloscope CRT Disassembly and Explanation – [Link]

27 Jan 2011

Here are some examples by manekinen of what can happen when an apparently high reverse voltage is applied to several AVRs. [via]

Exploding an AVR – [Link]

10 Jan 2011

Welding with a buzz-box (AC arc welder) is much easier if you don’t have to scratch-start the arc. A high-frequency start circuit puts a high voltage (AC) in series with the low-voltage high-current welder output. Then, when the welding electrode is brought near the work, the high voltage (HV) ionizes the air and creates a path for the low-voltage and high-current arc.

High-Frequency Start Box – [Link]

30 Dec 2010

This project is a high voltage plasma speaker that is using two mosfets in half bridge to drive the flyback transformer. This reduces the load on the FETs, and thus reduces the heat produced by them. To find out how plasma speakers work see the bottom of this page. [via]

A reliable Plasma speaker - [Link]

9 Dec 2010

This video shows a high-voltage arc caused by a 500kV Switch opening up in the Nevada Desert. An enormous Jacob’s Ladder. [via]

Jacob’s Ladder: 500kV Switch Opening - [Link]

28 Nov 2010

This project is a VU meter using 14 IN-13 bar-graph Nixie tubes. The producing effect is really nice. Each of the tube is connected on driving circuitry that include bandpass filters of 60, 150, 400, 1000, 2500, 6000 and 15000kHz pass. Then each filter output is converted to DC and converted from logarithmic to linear scale suitable for Nixie tubes.

Nixie VU meter - [Link]

27 Nov 2010

This project is a Nixie Clock using 4 tubes and common components. This clock is designed to be easy-to-build and it’s build using two boards one over the other. Clock works at voltages from 7.5V to about 14V and consumes around 200mA. The shield board has 4 RGB LEDs under the Nixies that can be turned off if you don’t like how it looks. It shows time, full date and temperature.

Nixie Clock with 4 tubes - [Link]





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