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28 Apr 2008

Probably most proper microcontroller programming method is using a bootloader program. Because you don’t need any special programming adapters or special knowledge – you just need to connect standard cable from your PC to target board and run special program on PC which communicates with MCU bootloader program. The idea is simple.

USB bootloaders for AVR microcontrollers - [Link]

20 Apr 2008

This circuit is a church bell controller. Basic component is an ATmega32 microcontroller. At the circuit 1 24LC32 eeprom memories is being used.

As control I created a menu who will be appeared on 4×20 LCD (Liquid Crystal Display). The menu browsing can be done by 6 buttons at the face of the circuit’s box (Menu, Up, Down, Enter, Start, Stop). The all firmware binds about 30Kbytes flash memory and can be increased by adding new features-functions. This program has been written in C with CVAVR compiler.

Church bell Controller - [Link]

19 Apr 2008

This is the complete WLAN solution for AVR and other CPUs.In this page you will be found about equipping an Atmel AVR microcontroller based system with a Prism WLAN interface. The document is intended for people that already have experiences with the AVR microcontrollers and teaches them how to add a cheap but flexible WLAN interface to your AVR projects. [via]

SPI2CF – WLAN for AVR - [Link]

10 Apr 2008

It’s based on an AT90S2313 and a Dallas DS1621 Digital Thermometer. The temperature is displayed on a dual 7-segment display, and two buttons are used for setting parameters. A high current relay switches the heating element. The Dallas DS1621 chip interfaces to the 2313 using a I2C interface. This is a 2 wire bidirectional bus with a speed up to 400 kbps.Up to 8 DS1621 devices can be connected on the same I2C bus. [via]

AVR based Temperature Controller - [Link]

7 Apr 2008

Probably it is always interesting to modify things you are passionate about. As you know – car panel doesn’t show all information you would like to know during journey. Let’s say you want to follow fuel consumption, display temperatures and control air conditioning, and have centralized control of many other devices like electrical windows, etc.

So here is a nice project for this. It uses AVR microcontroller that is equipped with various sensors and LCD display which shows quite a bunch of info like momentary fuel consumption, momentary speed, journey time, passed distance and many average indicators. First working project version can be found here. Probably there will be another with more improvements. [via]

Carputer – AVR based car computer - [Link]

5 Apr 2008

This short tutorial will show you how to setup a breadboard with an Atmel AVR microcontroller to be programmed using In System Programming (ISP). This allows you to program and re-program your chip whilst in your own circuit, without the need to be constantly removing it and placing it in a dedicated programmer.

You will need an ISP compatible programmer. These typically plug into the parallel port of your computer and have a 10 Pin IDC connector like the one shown below. [via]

AVR In circuit programming or ISP - [Link]

3 Apr 2008

This is versatile development board for AVR microcontrollers ATmega48/88/168. It is good for testing and debugging embedded programs. It has many built-in peripheries connected to microcontroller so you can use them without soldering. ATmega microcontrollers are produced by ATMEL and they include a lot of features: I/O, Timers, PWM generators, ADC, RS232, TWI, SPI, Analog Comparator, Oscillator, EEPROM These microcontrollers are very versatile, easy to program and easy to use. This is the reason why I like these microcontrollers and why I decided to make development board for them.

ATmega48/88/168 Development Board - [Link]

2 Apr 2008

The design is based around the AVR Butterfly from Atmel. The use of this module greatly simplifies the hardware design and constrution and packs plenty of punch for $19.99 USD. The remaining hardware can be easily placed on a single sided PCB ($10-$20). The MP3 decoding is handled by a VS1001K decoder chip from VLSI Solution Oy ($20). This chip also has an onboard DAC with enough power to drive headphones, simplifying the board design even further. [via]

AVR butterfly Mp3: a diy mp3 player – [Link]

2 Apr 2008

ATMEL Microcontrollers can be programmed with ISP(In-System Programming) which helps to develop your applications because you don’t need to insert/remove the microcontroller. This is an ISP module for ATMEL Microcontroller that supports ISP such AT89SXXXX, AVR families etc. It Requires no power supply because it uses power supply from target board. This circuit needs only 10 resistors, 1 IC, 1 Capacitor,1 R-Pack.PCB size 1.6 X 4.1 cm. and Plated-Through-Hole type. [via]

ATMEL ISP Module - [Link]

2 Apr 2008

The counter contains only three inexpensive ICs (well, add a regulator and three transistors), and operates from 6 – 15V DC at about 25mA. The most expensive single item is the LCD display, which is an industry standard 16 x 2 dot matrix module, which can often be found used or at bargain prices. This isn’t a kitset, but the parts are easily obtained, and the circuit can be built using any prototyping technique, or you could design your own PCB. The prototype was built on a small commercial strip board. [via]

AVR Frequency Counter with LCD - [Link]





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