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16 Jun 2011

Joe writes: TI have announced a tiny (1.6mm sq), low power and low cost (~$2) IR temperature sensor [via]

Enables contactless temperature measurement in portable and consumer electronic applications

Developed through TI’s expertise in MEMS technology, the TMP006 is the first of a new class of ultra-small, low power, and low cost passive infrared temperature sensors. It has 90% lower power consumption and is more than 95% smaller than existing solutions, making contactless temperature measurement possible in completely new markets and applications.

Single-chip digital IR temperature sensor - [Link]

7 Jun 2011

A thermistor is a thermal resistor – a resistor that changes its resistance with temperature. Technically, all resistors are thermistors – their resistance changes slightly with temperature – but the change is usually very very small and difficult to measure. Thermistors are made so that the resistance changes drastically with temperature so that it can be 100 ohms or more of change per degree! [via]

Sensor tutorials – Thermistor – [Link]

3 Jun 2011

Here’s Big Mess o’ Wires simple pressure and temperature demo: [via]

I described an idea for a hiking data analyzer based around an old cell phone LCD, a pressure/temperature chip, and an ATmega microcontroller. Since then, I’ve received the parts and built a simple demo that exercises everything. It’s not very exciting yet, but it demonstrates that all the parts are working as expected, so now the real work can begin.

In the photo, clockwise from the upper-left, you can see the ATmega, LED used for debugging, Nokia 5110 LCD, Bosch BMP085 pressure/temperature sensor, and the ISP programming cable. The BMP085 is mounted upside-down, since direct light on the sensor can skew its measurements. A small 3.3v power supply is to the left of the board, not visible.

Pressure and temperature sensor demo – [Link]

29 May 2011

www.microsyl.com writes:

This project is one of many others I had made to control my house with rules, web interface, logger and many more. This project could take several measurements: Temperature/Humidity/Barometric pressure measurements. All measurements are taken digitally and have their own dedicated A/D converter in each sensor. It’s a REAL digital environment sensor WITHOUT any calibration.

Digital Temperature, Humidity, Barometric Pressure Sensor – [Link]

29 May 2011

Sensirion’s SHT series of humidity sensors provide fully calibrated digital readings for relative humidity and temperature. This tutorial explains how to interface two of these sensors (SHT11 and SHT75) to PIC microcontroller.

Humidity and temperature measurements with Sensirion’s SHT1x/SHT7x sensors – [Part1]+[Part2]

18 May 2011

benoztalay.wordpress.com writes:

I took this project on as a present for my girlfriend, who, during the colder months, is more or less addicted to coffee/hot chocolate/tea. Her mug broke, and I was just going to get a new one for her birthday, but I wanted to add a little functionality to it. The new mug now senses and displays the relative temperature of its contents on a 10-LED blue bar display and has a rechargeable battery, which is charged through a 5.0V DC jack. Turned out pretty well, although it reacts a tad slow to temperature changes, as you can see in the video.

Coffee mug with temperature indicator – [Link]

18 May 2011

Richaarddd writes:

Consisting of 2 circuits
One reads the temperature using a DS18B20 and then transmitts it over the radio waves.
The other receives the data and displays it.

I’ve not fully tested the range yet, but I’ve had it working over 12 feet going through 2 walls.

Wireless temperature sensor - [Link]

14 May 2011


TI has introduced the TMP103 Digital Temperature Sensor with I2C/SMBUS Expanded Interface.

The device features Multiple Device Access (MDA), Global Read/Write Operations,I2C™-/SMBus™-Compatible Interface, 8-bit resolution with accuracy: ±1°C Typ (–10°C to +100°C). The supply range is 1.4V to 3.6V, and the chip comes in a 4-Ball WCSP (DSBGA) package.

According to the press release the sensor draws a maximum of 1 uA while in shutdown mode and 3 uA while in active mode to extend battery life.

TI digital temperature sensor - [Link]

7 May 2011

dangerousprototypes.com writes: [via]

Max Carter likes to experiment with Picaxe microcontrollers. He was looking for a way to take readings of the outdoor temperature and make the data available on the internet. He devised a project requiring minimal hardware, consisting of a Picaxe-08M, LM34 temperature sensor and a few discrete components. He programmed the Picaxe to take readings from the temperature sensor and communicate the temperature data to a PC via the serial port. (Note the absence of a need for a TTL-RS232 level converter chip, thanks to the Picaxe!) He then wrote the server configuration code and software for the PC to make the data available via the web. You can check out the online output from this project showing the temperature at Max’s place in Wyoming!

You can read the full details and download the PC and Picaxe code on Max’s website, along with his other informative Picaxe tutorials.

Outdoor temperature data server using Picaxe-08M – [Link]

7 May 2011

Stephen Zahra writes:

This Digital Thermometer Design is done by using the 8051 microcontroller AT89C51AC2 and interfaced with an LCD to outputs the Temperature. THe sensor used for this design is the LM35 which output an analogue voltage per centigrade celcius. A circuit amplification is done between the LM35 and the microcontroller.

8051 Digital Thermometer – [Link]





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