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9 Feb 2011

uhclem writes: [via]

Build yourself a wirelessly controlled, Arduino-powered message board!

Here’s an easy project which creates a wirelessly programmable message board. It uses XBee modules to provide a wireless serial link between your computer and the device. You interact with it via a simple menu system. There are no buttons (other than the reset button, which is hidden) on the device.

Wireless Arduino message board – [Link]

16 Jan 2011

This project shows how to make a wireless robotics platform using a cheap RC toy vehicle, Arduino, XBee and Processing. The vehicle is completely controlled by the code running on the remote computer. [via]

Hacking toy RC cars – [Link]

22 Dec 2010

This article shows how to achieve wireless communication using XBee radios. The XBee radio is soldered on breakout board to be placed on breadboard. Two breadboards with a PIC on each is used and XBees are powered from 3,3V regulators. Source code is included on the link below.

Wireless Communication with XBee Radios – [Link]

12 Dec 2010

mBeduino is an mBed board that can be connected with Arduino Shields. mBeduino board contains: USB-A, LAN RJ-45, SD or microSD, CAN driver MCP2551, XBee or XBee PRO, Arduino Shield socket, I2C EEPROM socket, RTC backup capacitor and DC input (6~12V). It comes from Japan and joins the worlds of mbed and Arduino.

mBeduino – [Link]

9 Dec 2010

David Cranor put an Xbee radio in a X-Ray scanner. Check out the antenna on the top of the scan! [via]

Xbee radio on X-ray – [Link]

7 Dec 2010

This project is a wireless temperature and humidity sensor based on Sensirion SHT15 sensor and PIC18F1220. The unit is wirelessly sends the readings to a base station to display and log the data. The wireless link is implemented using XBee RF modules.

Wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensor – [Link]

24 Nov 2010

This is a blog that documents various Arduino projects. The author is living to a Solar Powered home that offers a wealth of ways to use Arduino’s and connected sensors. He shows how to use a Xbee module  and how to make an Arduino Solar Battery Monitor.

TropicArduino: Arduino projects – [Link]

9 Nov 2010

This project is a garage status monitor that is able to tell when the garage door is open or closed and also monitor the ambient temperature. It is based on an Arduino board, a XBee module and a LM36 sensor. The garage door status is sensed by a roller contact switch, data is handled by a Windows Service and displayed over the web. [via]

Garage Status Monitor – [Link]

30 Jul 2010

User Alexdlp @ instructables.com build a wireless 2×16 character display on Altoids box. To achieve wireless connectivity he used an Xbee module and a suitable antenna. Check construction details on the link below. There are two unit one connected to PC and a remote one.

Wireless Altoids Display – [Link]

5 Nov 2008

If you have an Arduino project where the dev board is stuck inside a machine, or attached to the rafters or is inaccessible in some other way, a wireless programming/debugging link will save you tons of time. This tutorial is an extension on Rob’s version. In this version, no extra firmware or hardware (other than a capacitor) is necessary. Just use the default bootloader. I demonstrate it with a ‘classic’ Arduino but of course this can be easily adapted to any version or clone.

Wireless Arduino programming using XBee’s – [Link]





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