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Razen, a new PCB CAD tool


A new PCB CAD tool called Razen soon will bereleased on Alpha version – [via]

Razen is a collaborative, scriptable schematic and PCB layout tool. Currently in development, a first alpha release will be available by April.

Razen, a new PCB CAD tool – [Link]

PCB Layout and Etching Tips and Tricks

adafruit.com writes:

Over at Blondihacks, Quinn’s written up a really thorough post about etching your own PCBs, building on what she discussed in past documentation. There are a lot of tutorials out there about etching PCBs, but this is probably one of the most complete I’ve seen, particularly if you’re still getting to know Eagle.

PCB Layout and Etching Tips and Tricks – [Link]

EEBookshelf: High Speed PCB Layout

adafruit.com writes:

PCB layout is tough. Laying out a PCB isn’t in itself too hard once you learn how the tools work, but high-speed (10MHz+) introduces a virtual mine field of potential issues that you may not be aware of until it’s too late. While experience is the best teacher, Analog Devices has a great application note explaining some of the key pitfalls to avoid when dealing with high speed designs (which is basically anything today): A Practical Guide to High-Speed Printed-Circuit-Board Layout. Some of it is a bit heady, but not more than it needs to be, and it really does lay out a lot of key information that you may not have been aware of. Want to improve your PCB design skills? Print this out, and keep reading through it until it starts to make sense. There’s years of bench time worth of information in there.

EEBookshelf: High Speed PCB Layout – [Link]

Rimu PCB

Electronic Printed Circuit Board Layout Software that is a cost effective, easy to use electronic printed circuit board PCB layout application. Features: Export Gerber RS274X and Excellon NC drill. Import ASCII netlist. Up to 16 layer boards supported. Rulers, Guidelines and Dimensioning lines. Five libraries – new components and libraries can be added. Automated ground planes, isolated copper removal. Tracks snap to pads for easy routing. Multiple Undo / Redo. [via]

Rimu PCB – [Link]

[Tutorial] – Eagle CAD


gaussmarkov: diy fx writes:

To design my circuit boards, I use the freeware version of the Eagle Layout Editor by CadSoft Computer GmbH. The software is located in the download area of their site. On this site, I describe the software and offer component libraries and circuit examples. The libraries are organized for diy pedal circuit design and the examples are popular pedal circuits.

Below is a summary of how I designed a circuit layout with the Eagle Layout Editor. This is part of a series of posts about Eagle that introduce this software in step-by-step detail.

Fritzing open source PCB layout tool


In the same style as Processing and Arduino, “Fritzing” is an open source PCB layout tool that attempts to help designers move from physical prototypes to building actual products. In particular in the area of PCB prototyping, the freely downloadable cross-platform software allows for basic layout and design of projects like Arduino shields and other projects and can also be used to document PCB designs for later publishing on the web, etc… Lots of very good introductory information at the link below. [via]

Fritzing open source PCB layout tool – [Link]