LTC4380 – Low Quiescent Current Surge Stopper



The LTC4380 is an ultralow quiescent current (IQ) surge stopper, providing compact overvoltage and overcurrent protection for always-on 4V to 72V electronics in automotive, industrial and avionic systems. The LTC4380 replaces traditional shunt circuits composed of bulky inductors, capacitors, transient voltage suppressors (TVS), and fuses with a simple IC and series N-channel MOSFET solution, saving board space and enabling continuous operation through transient voltage or current surges. The LTC4380 protects downstream electronics from input overvoltage up to the MOSFET rating, while also protecting the power supply from output overload. Device current consumption is a mere 8μA in normal operation and 6μA in shutdown mode, prolonging battery run and standby time.

LTC4380 – Low Quiescent Current Surge Stopper – [Link]

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