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13 May 2015


How to coordinate busy working schedule and also find time to attend the exhibition? It’s simple, just one click...

For this exhibition season, we have prepared unconventional news. You don’t have to travel to attend the exhibition to learn about news in electro-technical business no more. All of that can be done from the comfort of your office. All you need to do is just one click and we will transfer you to virtual expo to SOS stand.

You will soon learn more about what we have prepared for you on our web and facebook profile… You can already schedule a date for the virtual exhibition in your diary.

Virtual stand on “virtual expo” will be available since 

Enjoy the exhibition from the comfort of your office… – [Link]

7 May 2015


Fraunhofer TechBridge, Greentown Labs launch program to accelerate energy innovations’ path to market

Boston, MA – April 16, 2015 – Access to external feedback early in the development process is critical for building successful innovative products. For large companies, such access is easily obtained; for startup companies, however, industry feedback is hard to come by. To assist entrepreneurs in that effort, Fraunhofer TechBridge (a program of Fraunhofer CSE) and Greentown Labs have teamed up to launch PROPEL, a six-month program for startups to refine their prototypes, obtain customer feedback, and develop their businesses for success in the market.

With the vision of a smarter, interconnected world, PROPEL is seeking complementary innovations in self-powered Wireless Sensor-Actuator Networks that can radically change how we interact with our surroundings. The program, sponsored by Shell GameChanger, is seeking startups that are:

  • Creating technologies for distributed sensing and actuation networks;
  • Developing prototypes and/or integrated systems for customer validation;
  • Looking to develop strategic partnerships with industry as a potential go-to-market strategy;
  • Interested and able to relocate to Greentown Labs in Somerville, MA for the duration of the program.

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15 Apr 2015

The maker movement is made up of some 135 million adults in the U.S., however, it’s more than just a U.S. movement. Maker faires that celebrate the movement have popped up in Japan, Italy, Norway, and Chile. Makers use their skills to craft items such as clothing, baked goods, jewelry, and art; contributing $29 billion to the U.S. economy annually.

From 3D printers to laser cutters—makers employ various tools to create their goods. Many gather at makerspaces where they share these resources. Makerspaces are havens for techies, artists, and entrepreneurs. Through crowdfunding, makers are able to facilitate small-scale funding for these gathering spaces.


A Movement in the Making – [Link]

8 Apr 2015


by elektor.com:

Texas Instruments has launched what they claim is the first comprehensive online classroom for analog design engineers. The teaching resource is called TI Precision Labs. The on-demand curriculum combines theory and applied lab exercises to deepen the technical expertise of experienced engineers and accelerate the development of those just starting out in design and development. This free modular curriculum includes over 30 hands-on training and lab videos, covering analog amplifier design considerations along with online course work.

To accompany the course TI is also marketing a $199 op-amp development board called the TI-PLABS-AMP-EVM. It contains eight common op amp circuits that can be configured with jumpers and allows the user to complete each demonstrated learning activity along with the trainer. The curriculum also provides access to free design tools, such as TI Designs reference designs and TI’s TINA-TI SPICE model simulator. The documentation shows configuration examples of the EVM using the National Instruments VirtualBench and TI’s Bode Analyzer Software for VirtualBench. Standard bench-top test and measurement equipment can also be used.

TEXAS online Classes – [Link]

7 Apr 2015


by Charles Murray @ edn.com:

The free ESD Suppression Selection Tool, from Littelfuse captures the environment where a circuit-protection device resides, and then runs a software simulation of the device. “This tool doesn’t evaluate our part as a standalone device because the part never operates as a standalone device,” said Chad Marak, director of semiconductor business development for Littelfuse. “It always operates with something else—an ASIC or an IC. You have to consider the whole system.”

Select circuit-protection devices with free online tool – [Link]

30 Mar 2015


You can find technical information about transistors and replacements with just a few clicks at www.info-transistor.info

Find transistor replacements and information – [Link]

4 Mar 2015


Peter of Cytec BG writes:

My idea was for pcb designers to be able to quickly, without too much hassle, check their board for correct footprints (especially for connectors) and collisions between components. Currently one can change soldermask colors, silkscreen layers, move and rotate components around, change component models and import step files.


3D Eagle BRD Viewer – [Link]


3 Feb 2015


The term mechatronics engineering was coined in Japan during the 1970s, used to describe working in robotics. It has since developed as a practise encompassing electrical, mechanical, electronic and control engineering. Mechatronics combines these areas of the industry to allow the development, design and application of smart devices in an integrated, cross-disciplinary manner.

Today there is a huge industry demand for those who can work in interdisciplinary engineering environments. A career in mechatronics can lead a number of challenging roles especially in fields such as vehicle testing and manufacturing, building space, defence and industrial systems and the marketing and sales of engineering products. There is ample opportunity to work both in the UK and overseas and the field offers excellent benefits to those who work within it. Read the rest of this entry »

28 Jan 2015

Parts.io is a new service for finding electronics parts that just opened its doors to the public:

Parts.io has its sights set on a better path to part discovery. Yes, this is parametric search but it will return data for all parts from all manufacturers. The distinction may not be completely obvious, but for example if you are searching on Element14 you’re only getting data on the parts that Element14 carries. Once you have drilled down to a reasonably manageable pool of components you get what you would expect: one-click datasheets and a roundup of pricing and availability from worldwide distributors. The presentation of the parts is grouped into families that differ in trailing parts designators, and I must say I am impressed at the interface’s ability to roll with you. It feels easier to find alternative parts after the drilldown where in my past searches I would have started completely over again.

Parts.io Electronics Parts Search is Open – [Link]


11 Dec 2014


This is a website down alarm using a Tessel module. Check it on projects.tessel.io:

If your website goes down, you want to be the first to know. Make it obvious when there’s a problem by hooking up a big alarm light to a Tessel, which will ping your website every few seconds to check for trouble.

Continuously off: all is well
Continuously on: website being monitored is down
Two-second bursts (on or off): system error; monitoring isn’t working (reset the Tessel)

Website Down Alarm using Tessel board – [Link]





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