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17 Feb 2011

Here’s a half-hour video produced by Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation in 1967 describing the integrated circuit (IC), its design and development process, and giving examples of late 1960s uses of IC technology. Serves to provide some perspective on how the industry started, and how far we’ve come. [via]

Retro integrated circuit video - [Link]

12 Jan 2011

Dan Reetz hates it when manufacturers don’t use standard connectors on their devices, so he hacked his Casio EX-FH100 and EX-F1 Shutter Release/Video/USB cable to find the pinout. [via]

Casio EX-FH100 and EX-F1 Shutter Release/Video/USB Pinout – [Link]

12 Jan 2011

Wayne and Layne have adapted Myles Metzler’s Tetris clone for use on their Video Game Shield. [via]

Myles recently ported an open Tetris clone to the Arduino. We added support for the Nunchuck (so now it works with both the Nunchuck and the Classic Controller) as well as music!

Arduino Tetris on the Video Game Shield – [Link]

16 Dec 2010

Video Amplifier Circuit using transistor BC547 & BC557

Video Amplifier - [Link]

5 Dec 2010

Naturetm documents the details on how to produce composite video using the MSP430 found on the TI Launchpad. He used two resistors and the source code is able to produce monochrome NTSC video in 192×40 resolution. [via]

TI Lauchpad composite video – [Link]

28 Oct 2010

This project is a small video game console build of a sandwiches a lithium button cell between the psp joystick and the pcb. It uses a ARM Cortex M0 32 bit cpu and is able to produce 3D graphics and sound. Output resolution is 320×240 composite or s-video and is able to produce 256 colors with standard palette. Sound is 8 bit 15khz stereo audio. Check construction details on the link below.

RBox: Smallest videogame console - [Link]

24 Oct 2010

Hackvision is a simple, retro gaming platform based on Arduino technology that you can assemble and connect to your TV. You can write you own games and make your own controllers! The best of all is that is open source and you can find schematics, boards and source code on the site below.

Hackvision: Open-source video game system – [Link]

12 Oct 2010

This video explores the tiny world of surface mount components. Collin Cunningham constructs what may be the world’s smallest phototheremin and shows it in super macro detail.

Soldering Surface Mount Devices – [Link]

21 Sep 2010

A2601 is an FPGA-based clone of the legendary ATARI 2600 video console, developed completely by retromaster.wordpress.com, including VHDL code and a custom PCB. Retromaster recreated 6502 CPU in FPGA along with TV interface which enables NTSC TV and audio playback. Check project details on the link below.

A2601: FPGA-based clone of the ATARI 2600 - [Link]

20 Apr 2009

The EEVblog is an off-the-cuff video blog of interest to anyone involved in electronics design (electronics engineers, hobbyists and enthusiasts). Be sure to check it out.

Electronics Engineering Video Blog by David L. Jones - [Link]





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