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Build Your Own RC Tankbot

Here’s a blog post that will show you the setup you’ll need to make your own do-it-yourself radio controlled (RC) tankbot from the ground up. This example uses a few kits from Solarbotics to build your own RC controller, communication link, and tankbot using minimal parts. We even managed to get 250 feet of range out of the deal! For this exploit we invite you to move over to the dark side, as the heart of the project isn’t Xbees but instead 2.4GHz IEEE 802.15.4 Radio Frequency Network modules from Synapse Wireless which are actually super simple to use and configure. This post will merely get you started with building a general RC platform, feel free to modify/hack the system to suite your own diabolical requirements.

 Build Your Own RC Tankbot – [Link]

Robot Uses Supersonic Jets of Air to Stick to Almost Anything

IEEE has a spot on how researchers are using jets of air to grip onto all kinds of surfaces. [via]

There are all kinds of ways to stick to a surface, but one of the simplest is to use a gripper that operates on the Bernoulli principle. All the Bernoulli principle says is that as a liquid moves faster, its pressure decreases. For the purpose of a robotic gripper, air counts as a fluid, and if you squirt air out around the edges of a circular gripper fast enough, it’ll start to generate a vacuum force that’s strong enough to grab things without the surface of the gripper actually needing to touch them.

Robot Uses Supersonic Jets of Air to Stick to Almost Anything – [Link]