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Voltset – World’s Smartest Multimeter for Smart Devices

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Voltset connects to smart devices and turns them into smart multimeters, allowing you to tinker, learn and collaborate with electronics.

Voltset is a module that plugs into a smartphone via a USB connection. It will then turn a smartphone into a smart multimeter. The multimeter is a must have tool for every DIY, tinkerer or hardware hacker. This project was started two years ago by two makers, Michael and Tom. They could not find a multimeter that was convenient to carry, yet powerful and versatile enough to be useful in their wide range of projects. So they set out to build their own. Almost two years later, they are ready to introduce Voltset to the world of makers.

Voltset – World’s Smartest Multimeter for Smart Devices – [Link]

Make a Mini Arduino programmable 4 channel DC-DVM

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This Instructable will teach you how to use the Arduino Analog ports. johnag @ instructables.com writes:

Digital Voltmeters (DVMs) are a special case of Analog to Digital converters- A/DCs.- they measure voltage – and are usually a function of a general purpose instrument called a Digital Multimeter( DMMs), commonly used to measure voltages in labs and in the field. DMMs display the measured voltage using LCDs or LEDs to display the result in a floating point format. They are an instrument of choice for voltage measurements in all kinds of situations. This instructable will show you how to use the Arduino as a DC DVM (Direct Current Digital Volt Meter).

Make a Mini Arduino programmable 4 channel DC-DVM – [Link]

Fresh offer of Wago terminal blocks with a clamp TRMS multimeter

Spring offer of company Wago brings you a price gainful set of favorite terminal blocks together with a novelty – quality clamp multimeter.

Installation terminals Wago 2273 series are becoming a standard in installations and they gradually replace their predecessors – series 273. They´re well known, but if you by a happen don´t know them yet, you can get a brief description for example in a video below this article.So why do we mention them? Because company Wago comes as usually in spring, with a special offer, when you can buy a set of Wago terminal blocks Wago together with some useful tool, multimeter and similar. This time it´s a really attractive offer, because in a set containing 950 pcs of installation terminal blocks you will gain a novelty from Wago – a professional clamp true RMS multimeter type 206-816 (CAT III). Besides a majority of common function it´s also able to measure capacity, frequency, wide measuring range (600V, 600A, 60 MOhm) and also for example a very useful complement at measuring in dark environment – an integrated LED torch.

For the price of 149 Eur you can gain a set of 950 pcs terminal b locks and a universal professional measuring tool. Set of 950 pcs terminal blocks consists of 100 pcs 224-112, 100 pcs 2273-202, 300 pcs 2273-203, 100 pcs 2273-204, 300 pcs 2273-205 and 50 pcs 2273-208.

Fresh offer of Wago terminal blocks with a clamp TRMS multimeter – [Link]

Top considerations when choosing a multimeter

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A multimeter is an essential piece of kit for anyone who works with electronics. Combining the functions of a voltmeter, ammeter and ohmmeter — hence the prefix ‘multi’ — these tools are the fastest, safest and most effective way of diagnosing a problem in an electrical circuit.

And while it’s important that who anyone doesn’t own one of those tools does their utmost to get their hands on one, it’s worth taking into consideration a few issues before you commit to a purchase.

This post tells you everything you need to know about buying a multimeter of your own, to ensure that the latest addition to your equipment is to up the job at hand.

Analogue or digital?

Like all equipment, multimeters have seen their fair share of improvements over time and the introduction of digital displays is one way multimeters have become more reliable and easier to use.

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Mooshimeter – Measure 600V and 10A with 24 bit precision through 50 meters

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Mooshimeter: The Wireless Graphing Multimeter with Data Logging and Multichannel Simultaneous Sampling

The Mooshimeter makes multi-channel measurements possible in situations that are too fast, too slow, too sensitive, or too dangerous to use a traditional multimeter. And by harnessing your smartphone’s hardware, it does so at an insanely low price.

The Mooshimeter was born out of our frustrations as electrical engineers at the limitations of the “standard