FOVEA – Wearable Embedded Multimeter

FOVEA – Wearable Embedded Multimeter

FOVEA is a wearable embedded analyzer — a multimeter targeted at embedded electronics with wrist-worn convenience.

FOVEA, their wearable embedded analyzer does a few primary things to make embedded work easier:

(a) It moves the multimeter display to a location that’s much closer to where the probes are being held, and also with almost the same focal distance;

(b) it focuses on lower currents and voltages as seen in modern embedded electronics — when last did you need to measure 600VAC on your embedded project?; and

(c) it integrates digital features together with traditional analog features.

We’re not looking to replace your high-dollar benchtop lab-grade instruments, but instead developing a sensible easy-to-use multimeter/analyzer with convenience features that we would’ve expected to be commonplace today. For example, continuity testers nicely alert us when we’re across a very-low-resistance or direct connection, but if you’re checking say a 5-volt circuit for proper power at various points, wouldn’t it be nice to have the meter alert you that you’ve got 5V within a certain tolerance?

How about directly testing PWM signals, and even generating pulses and PWM signals? And you can measure current across a pre-installed shunt resistor on development boards, so you don’t have to keep breaking a circuit connection to measure current. These are some of the features added to FOVEA to help you be more productive.


  •  DC voltage to 30V with window alerts
  • DC current to 1A
  • Current across a specified shunt
  • Resistance & Continuity
  • Frequency counter
  • PWM servo-pulse measurement
  • Pulse generator (square wave)
  • PWM servo-pulse output
  • Logic analyzer


  •  2.4″ color TFT display
  • Touch-screen interface
  • Built-in battery with USB recharging
  • Banana jacks, and a 4-pin plug-in interface
  • Adjustable wrist strap
  • Folding design for portability

The project is live on kickstarter and has 25 days to go.

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