$2 Development Board Based On WinnerMicro W806 32-bit, 240MHz MCU

$2 Development Board Based On WinnerMicro W806 32-bit, 240MHz MCU

Shenzhen Hilink Electronics has released an inexpensive development board that utilizes the powers of the W806 MCU, a controllable IoT chip that offers high integration, low-power consumption, and low cost. The HLK-W806 development board which just hit the hardware market is based on the WinnerMicro W806 32-bit XT804 processor with 240MHz, inbuilt 1MB flash, and 288KB RAM. The board is equipped with an RST reset button, USB2.0 port, touch, UART, PWM, GPIO, SPI, I2S, ADC, and LCD interfaces. It is targeted to help IoT solution developers to evaluate W806 chips, realize more functions and build prototypes faster. The W806-based board is only debugged via the Ck-Link emulator since its MCU features Pingtou’s CDK development environment. Although not showing features of wired or wireless communication means, Hilink still promotes HLK-W806 as IoT MC.

As for the W806 MCU, Reddit says it is a RISC-V MCU using T-Head’s XuanTie E804 IP, but a user argues that XuanTie E804 is C-SKY ISA and not RISC-V. Another user also confirms that the MCU is not RISC-V and with that, it will likely be a C-SKY ISA. The reason is that C-SKY is mentioned in RISCV as a member of the RISC-V foundation with CPU architecture for low-power SoCs. And that the company does plumb C-SKY support into Linux/open-sources protocols and other toolchains.

Key Features and Specifications of HLK-W806 and W806 MCU:

HLK-W806 Specification:

  • MCU: WinnerMicro W806 32-bit XT804 microcontroller @ 240 MHz, 1MB Flash, 288KB RAM, support FPU, DSP, crypto engine
  • 5V power supply via micro USB port
  • Integrated PSRAM interface, supporting up to 64MB external PSRAM memory
  • Support 6-way UART, support 5-8 bit, configurable parity
  • Integrate a master/slave SPI interface ( for master support)
  • Support one I2C interface @ 100kHz ~ 400kHz
  • 4-channel 16 bit ADC @ 1kHz
  • Supports up to 44x GPIO
  • 5-channel PWM interfaces @ 3hz-160khz, maximum duty cycle
  • Up to 15 touch sensors
  • ISO/IEC 7816 smart card interface
  • Reset, Wakeup, 3.3V, and GND signals
  • Debugging: CH340 (via micro USB port)
  • Reset button
  • Boot button
  • Dimensions: 65 mm x 26 mm

W806 MCU Specification:

  • Processor: 32-bit XT804, @ 240MHz, built-in DSP, 1MB Flash, 288KB RAM
  • PSRAM interface (support up to 64MB)
  • 1x 6-channel UART interface
  • 1x 4-channel 16-bit ADC @ 1KHz
  • 1x SPI interface (slave interface) @ 50MHz
  • 1x master/slave SPI interface
  • 1x SDIO_ HOST interface, support SDIO2.0, SDHC, MMC4.2
  • 1 x SDIO_ DEVICE, support SDIO2.0 @ 200Mbps
  • 1 x I2C controller
  • GPIO controller @ 44 GPIO
  • 5-channel PWM interface
  • 1 channel Duplex I2S controller
  • LCD controller @ 4×32 interface

Documents on W806 MCU chip specification (although not in English), application manual (.zip), hardware information (.zip), SDK (.rar), and W800 serial burning tool (.rar) can be found on HLK-W806 details.

For ordering and shipping, the HLK-W806 is available for purchase for under $2.00 on AliExpress.

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