Analog Discovery Pro ADP2230 – USB Oscilloscope with Waveform Generator, Logic Analyzer, and Variable Power Supply Available for $749.00

Analog Discovery Pro ADP2230 – USB Oscilloscope with Waveform Generator, Logic Analyzer, and Variable Power Supply Available for $749.00


The ADP2230 has 16 digital input/output channels that work with 3.3 V CMOS, can sample up to 125 MS/s, and buffer up to 128 MS per channel. It also includes an analog output channel with a 15 MHz bandwidth and 14-bit resolution, capable of producing standard, modulated, and custom waveforms.

Additionally, it has two programmable power supplies with a range of 0.5 V to 5 V (positive) and -0.5 V to -5 V (negative), each providing up to 1 A or 3 W. For connectivity, it uses USB 3.0 for fast data transfer and has BNC connectors for oscilloscope probes, connecting to computers via a USB Type-C to C cable. The device also features advanced triggering options, including triggers from analog channels, a function generator, digital I/O, and external sources, with modes like auto, manual, and single. These triggers work with both analog and digital inputs and offer edge, level, and pattern options.

Analog Discovery Pro ADP2230 Specifications:

  • Model: Analog Discovery Pro ADP2230 USB Mixed Signal Oscilloscope with deep memory buffers for long acquisitions
  • Analog Inputs:
    • Two BNC input channels
    • 14-bit resolution, ±25 V input range
    • 50+ MHz bandwidth, up to 125 MS/s per channel
    • 64 MS on-device buffering by default, expandable to 128 MS
  • Analog Output:
    • One BNC output channel
    • 14-bit resolution, ±5 V output range
    • 15 MHz bandwidth, up to 125 MS/s
    • Supports standard, modulated, and custom waveforms
  • Power Supplies:
    • Two programmable outputs (0.5 V to 5 V, -0.5 V to -5 V)
    • Up to 1 A or 3 W per channel
    • Hardware monitoring of system temperature, voltage, and sourced current
  • Digital I/O:
    • 16 3.3 V CMOS digital input/output channels
    • Sampling up to 125 MS/s
    • On-device buffering up to 128 MS per channel
    • Supports multiple communication protocols
  • Advanced Triggering:
    • Trigger sources: analog channels, function generator, digital I/O, external triggers, manual button
    • Modes: None, auto, manual, single
    • Analog trigger options: edge, pulse, transition, condition, level, hysteresis, hold-off
    • Digital trigger options: edge, level, pattern, glitch, protocol
  • Connectivity:
    • USB Type-C to C connection
    • USB 3.0 for high-speed data transfer
  • Software Support:
    • WaveForms application for Windows, Mac, Linux
    • WaveForms SDK for custom applications
    • LabVIEW and MATLAB compatibility
  • Additional Features:
    • Adjustable system clock, external clocking support
    • Cross-triggering between instruments
    • Internal hardware loopbacks
    • Optional control over power supplies via waveform generator
    • Network and Spectrum analysis tools
  • Physical Specifications:
    • Dimensions: 134.2 mm × 144.0 mm × 37.9 mm
    • Weight: 464 g
    • Product Compliance: HTC: 8471809000, ECCN: 3A992.a

In terms of software, the company said that the device supports WaveForms which is a free, user-friendly software for the ADP2230, allowing users to capture, record, analyze, and generate waveforms on their computers. Compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux, it connects via USB or Ethernet. WaveForms includes tools like an oscilloscope, waveform generator, and spectrum analyzer, and offers a demo mode for testing without hardware. Additionally, it supports custom scripting in JavaScript and is compatible with Python, C, LabVIEW, and MATLAB for further customization.

Inside the box of the Analog Discovery Pro ADP2230, you’ll find a comprehensive set of accessories including a USB C to C cable, and a 5V 4A switching power supply with US and EU plug adapters. For oscilloscope functionality, it comes with a pair of BNC x1/x10 Probes. The package also contains a 5-pack of 6-pin Headers & Gender Changers and a 2×16 flywire for various connection needs, along with a Flywire label sheet for easy identification.

The Analog Discovery Pro ADP2230 is priced at $749.00 and is available on the Digilent website.

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